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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meta-Post: 2008 Golden Ellipses

And the Winners Were:


fuckreagan said...

Why not an award for the shittiest cartoon? Never mind, every cartoon would be tied for that award.

Michael said...

Boy, you said it.

Mallard Fillmore in 2008 was pretty awful, but the quality of poems did improve ("Mallentine from Barack", et. al notwithstanding), and they seemed a little more coherent. I think we can owe these improvements to the author's state-sanctioned sobriety. Once parole is up, we can look forward to seeing more appearances from Angry Sun and Berkeley turnips.

rewinn said...

"... we can owe these improvements to the author's state-sanctioned sobriety...."

Or maybe it's sinking into even Tinkley's head that shitty comics are in economic trouble.

When the the reichwing on the ascendant and economy was flush with W's gigantic fiscal stimulus temporarily masking the manufacturing sector collapse, it was enough to slap a Limbaugh talking point onto a drawing from highschool. Papers needed something to balance those radical leftwingers like Get Fuzzy and Candorville

Now newspapers are dying as fast as than the Republican Party's future. Tinkley needs to hold on to every venue, and to do *that* he needs to listen to honest critics, who'll tell him what (politics aside) we've been saying on this blog: stop being so lazy with the drawing, edit your text instead of scribbling whatever comes into your head, use your full cast of characters.

Briefly, in 2009, it seems Tinkley was trying this; Mallard's crotch shots even featured a few feathers in leiu of pants. But the last few weeks have seen a release.

One day at a time, buddy!

fuckreagan said...

Davey, please, add one more award for the most racist cartoon. I know that a huge number of cartooons are potential candidates for the award but this is important if we are to expose Tinsley's idiocy.

fuckreagan said...

I think the reference to John McCaslin, whose name looked like MacCagwn, should have been named the worst asterisk. How can an illegible footnote be better than a legible one?

Michael said...

When it's Mallard Fillmore!

Marion Delgado said...

I was saddened this*:

Didn't win any awards. I guess Tinshley actually put effort into a comic for once so the pyschosis wasn't actionable.

But talk about a Unificationist, not a diviner ...

*Original here:

Version above written by GeoX, edited for space and lettered by me.

WV: uperinat which is too semantically rich for me to ferret out a definitive definition, albeit "up 'er' in 'at" springs to mind.