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Friday, March 06, 2009

That damned money

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Bush, Democrats.

We have some pretty definitive proof that President Bush had no idea what he was doing, in the form of his results.

I know it's a lot to ask when you want the President to fail, but I think it's reasonable to wait to see the results before passing judgment.

Of course, that's a rational approach. Which is completely antithetical to the Republican Party.


Michael said...

What's the point of this, besides that Mallard has no fashion sense?

wv: ductioni, an italian waterfowl dish.

CasualBrowser said...

I think the point of this is to point out that Mallard has an extra testicle or two...

Jazzbumpa said...

OMG. The Blallard crotch shot from hell.

Along with no fashion sense, terrible posture, and a gobstoppingly stupid message.

Isn't pornography supposed to have some redeeming social importance?

12xuser said...

Hey, Tinsley, I know you can't understand this, but "George Bush wasted your money" is way down on the list of how George Bush fucked everything up. Sure, it's pretty much all your average Republican cares about, but for the rest of us, compared to things like Iraq, Katrina, the economy, and the shredding of the Constitution, it's like a pimple on the bloated festering gangrenous ass that was the Bush administration.

rewinn said...

In Tinkleyworld repairing a bridge for rural Missourians (who almost certainly voted for John McCain) ... is "waste".

Please, D.T., keep it up!

wavydavy said...

I certainly do not agree with the premise "spending=waste, except for spending on killing" inherent in Rethuglican or "conservative" philosophy (if you can call that a philosophy).

But even if I did (as MF/BT does), wouldn't it still be better if people doing the spending KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING?!

BTW, interesting that MF/BT seems to have accepted without argument that Bush wasted our money.

WV: geera. The sound anyone with an IQ above room temperature makes after reading a Mallard Fillmore strip.

Kyle said...

Isn't Tinsley a Reagan-worshipper? Reagan was the single worst deficit spending president in American history, and what purpose did arming contras/building lasers to fire from space/backing Saddam Hussein serve?

Kaitlyn said...

Wavydavy - "BTW, interesting that MF/BT seems to have accepted without argument that Bush wasted our money."

I think the latest party line is that Bush wasn't a real Republican, so whatever he did doesn't reflect badly on the GOP or conservatives. (And naturally makes the Dems look bad. because.)

exanonymous said...

It's also worth mentioning (while Mallard's got his ears covered and is singing) that sacred Reagan's inauguration also saw a rather significant market drop.

Kaitlyn said...

ex - and that was Carter's fault.

Don't you know anything?

Kyle said...

Kaitlyn, that brings to mind the basis of Conservative history:

- Markets sinking in Reagan's first months = Fault of Jimmy Carter
- Markets sinking in Obama's first months = Fault of Obama
Carter, while right minded on many things, just wasn't forceful enough to get much done. The economic climate of 1981 was in part the fault of Carter, but the hypocrisy in the conservative hive-mind is striking

- Economy tanking in Bush's first six months = Fault of Bill Clinton
- Economy CONTINUING to tank during Obama's first six weeks = Fault of Obama
I don't blame Clinton and to be fair, Bush for the dip in 2001. That was due to the dot-com bubble bursting mostly, but Bush certainly sat on his thumb for the first eight months of his presidency. Pre-9/11 conservatives were pleading to "give him time!" Yet Obama is judged in six weeks time

- Great Depression beginning in 1930 = Fault of FDR in 1933
This is one I can't even begin to comprehend, it's just so utterly insane and ignorant

- Reaganomics crashing in the early 1990s = WE NEED MORE REAGANOMICS!!!!
Trickle Down economics really do work as a temporary boost to a stagnant economy, but used as anything more than a jumpstart it's doomed to fail. History has proven that time and time again

- Reaganomics Deficit Spending = MESSIAH!!!
Much like Reaganomics, Obama's Keynesian model shouldn't be used as anything more than a kickstart. However, he was already outlined plans to make up that money. Reagan (or more accurately his handlers since I'm pretty sure he was in the early throes of demensia as President) had ZERO plans to make up his deficit spending. The decrying of deficit spending now coinciding with Reagan worship is so atrociously hypocritical.