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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Those damned superstores

What's Mallard raving about today?

Superstore employees.

Why does Mallard hate the free market, and the superstores it created, so much?


Anonymous said...

Ok, joke is that the people working in these stores do so only rarely and try to avoid customers, a bit drawn out but it works. Though I do wonder who he thinks works hard since apparently people in the service sector are lazy, teachers are lazy, government employees are lazy. Aside from the relative semi-irony of recycling a laziness joke that many times I am honestly curious about who he thinks works hard.

exanonymous said...

Well, considering at large chains, they don't care about employees, it kind of makes sense.

I remember from my days they expected the following: that I was prepared to work 40+ hours each week, that I was prepared to work 8- hours a week, that I was always on call at the last minute even during scheduled vacations (unpaid, incidently), that I was expected to show up even at risk of my own life (conditions for emergency personal only apparently also qualified for store stocking), my breaks would not comply with law but instead be whenever they felt like I deserved one, that any request I made that required my managers put forth any effort would be ignored, that I would be pleased at kindergarten level incentives (some people get bonuses on birthdays, I got a tiny bag of candy), that I was to do the work of 2 or 3 people (explains my elusiveness, since I was always moving because I was always behind because my store saved money by looking at the list that suggested 3 people to work in a department area and put just me there), and raises of 20 cents would be a Big Deal.

And I wasn't a teenager at the time. So I don't think "lazy" when I can't find employee, I think "someone big business has beaten into the ground". I know I've been so much happier since I quit.

Patrick said...

As already pointed out, the basic problem is that these stores are understaffed, and that they underpay the people they DO keep around.

This leads to unmotivated and overworked employees, which in turn leads to poor customer service.

Don't like it? Shop somewhere other than a mega-store.

BakaHoushi said...

He believes that alcoholic conservative cartoonists are hardworking and the only thing holding our society together.

Also, the tiny men who push and steer his car, which only he can see with his magic liquor, which is why that DUI is TOTAL bullshit.

Jazzbumpa said...

It's clear that Tinkley and his fowl mouthpiece Blallard hate everything and everybody.

Crawl back into the bottle Tinkley, where you only have to hate yourself.

WV: dramini - medication for water fowl sickness

rewinn said...

Tinkley can re-use his artwork (again!), if we supply him with next Sunday's text:

"psst.... this is DaveyK, deep within the archives of 'Mallard Fillmore', searching for the elusive 'evidence of hard work' ...."


Heck yeah! Anyone whose actually worked for a large company recongizes the real problem is management. If Tinkley weren't consumed with hatred for giving ordinary Americans a fair deal, he could get a lot of humor by siding with the workers. Scott Adams makes bank!


On the plus side, the ellipsis are down to three dots. Or is this another cutback due to the Second Republican Great Depression?

Anonymous said...

Why, it's almost as if super-stores focus on cheap products at cheap prices, rather then charging their customers more to pay for more and better employees.

It's also possible that the employees at Local Megastore X that Ducky patrons have long since learned to ignore Raving Lunatic Man. "Christ, if I have to listen ONE MORE TIME about lazy government workers or liberal media, I swear to the smiley face, I'm going to drink a Drain-o smoothie!"

Kaitlyn said...

I hate jokes like these and I've never worked at a megastore.

I hate jokes that fall apart with a little bit of thought - like the "why don't they make the plane out of the black box material?" (courtesy of Douglas Adams in Salmon of Doubt)

But if he thought, we wouldn't be entertained.

I almost expected a Girl Scout cookie thing today.

Sigma said...

I agree with Anonymous; all this is saying is nobody wants to serve Mallard.

Hidden last panel:
Employee talking to another: "That creepy duck that always tries to drunkenly grab my ass was in the store again. I pretended not to see him and got away as fast as I could."