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Sunday, March 29, 2009

That damned stuff

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, The Economy.

Two reasons not to pay attention to Right-Wing Water Carriers, like Mallard, when complaining about proposed plans to address the Economy:
  1. Those who played the role of cheerleader for the Administration who got us into this mess sacrificed all credibility long ago.
  2. Where was the outrage when President Bush handed money away?


Factinista said...

What on Earth is that creature eating the poor girl's head?

Taquelli said...

Here, here. I keep on thinking how this $700 billion is any different than the previous $700 billion. I mean, besides disappearing into the pockets of unaccountability and creating jobs for the out-and-out.

Nick said...

Per Dean's Comic Booth, let's try rewriting the dialog balloon.

"First you have to invade it, THEN I'll tell you why. Or not.

I got the idea from the ex-President's revenge plan."

Factinista: That would be Audrey II, starting on the girl's head. Girl sure looks like plant food to me.

rewinn said...

How can GOPpers complain about there being "Volcano Monitoring" in the stimulus package AND ALSO say they don't know what's in it?

exanonymous said...

How can they not?

Some are genetically wired to cover all victim hood positions regardless of logical consistency.

Michael said...

A "stuff" box is where the girl must have gotten her ill-fitting wig. It looks like the hair you put on Lego people.

Amazingly enough, I like the guy's hair in this one. Even though the part is facing the wrong way, Tinsley gave it some salt-and-pepper texture.

Anyone else notice that the bag is exactly the size of a human head? Just sayin.