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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Those damned forms

What's Mallard raving about today?

V.A. Hospitals.

Mallard hates the V.A. Big surprise. I refer you to yesterday's comments, which cover today as well.


Brian C. Russell said...

Yeah, as if the VA was the only convoluted program that we have in the US...
I can see it now, "Well, I don't want to do anything about the financial crisis... so... let's just bash the VA." It could have been anything, but I would have chosen the Post Office because it seems more widely hated. Like the cable guy.

NLC said...

Way to go Bruce!! Two consecutive days of slams against the record of the Bush/neocon regime!!

Move over Doonesbury!

Pirk said...

I'm pretty surprised that Mallard is a veteran

Michael said...

He's leaning his head back against the sign? How disrespectful.

Jazzbumpa said...

Tinkley isn't bright enough to realize it's a Bush-bash. Or he simply doesn't care. Government is BAD - BAD, I tell you, dammit. And everything they do is BAD.

Give me good old free enerprise.
Not only is it good, it's the answer to all our social problems.

Now, where's my tax cut?

Kyle said...

Big government is a delusional LIEberals and DEMONcRATS hold onto helplessly instead of trying to solve their own problems!

Now if you'll excuse I must go sacrifice a goat to appease my Lord and Savior The Free Market and His Invisible Hand.

exanonymous said...

Chant: Privatize!

Veterans deserve better treatment. Obviously private companies would help because there would be competition or something.

For instance, my private insurance company provides modern pop music when they put me on hold as they transfer me to what is supposed to be my state's office but ends up being the AARP branch (the line then goes dead). Government, having no incentive to be competitive, plays elevator music and lets the line go dead. I'm sure any veteran would appreciate the same level of superior service for their hospitals.

Kaitlyn said...


Private HMOs bend over backwards to help you out, sometimes waiving exorbitant copays or fees.

Actually, I have tricare (try and get some care!), which is for those in the navy. Low, low copays, but god, I do everything so I don't have to call them. Though I am just happy to have insurance.

Until I got a case manager, nothing got done. Granted, you have to have a chronic problem, but still, why else are you dealing with your HMO and plotting homicide? I call her up when I get letters from Tricare with numbers and dollar signs and she explains them.

rewinn said...

Secret message of today's "comic": Mallard is the reason we don't have universal health care!

Read its last line carefully. The VA would have to give dependable service to EVERYONE but-for its treatment of Mallard.

I say: give the duck what he's looking for, and everyone else too!

rootbeer said...

Tinsley is planning ahead. Prepare to see the same artwork over and over again in the coming months, with the sign modified to read "Welcome to the I.R.S.," "Welcome to the U.S.P.S.," "Welcome to the D.M.V.," etc.