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Friday, March 27, 2009

Those damned Body Parts

What's Mallard raving about today?

College Costs, Home Values

It's really too bad we didn't privatize Social security when we had the chance. Then Mallard could make fun of destitute old people too.


fuckreagan said...

Goddamned Tinsley,

"Pedantic" does, technically, mean poorly educated but people scream it at you because you are unimaginative and unoriginal. I know that you failed to enter High School but others have the opportunity to succeed and become intelligent. You should not celebrate the collapse of education, because, though there will be a greater number of failed losers with you at many bars, not even they will be able to tolerate your incomprehensible, racist tirades. Education leads to social advancement, technology, medicine and discoveries. I know that you hate all of those things but everything you believe is wrong.

Stop making cartoons and kill yourself,


fuckreagan said...

I can make this cartoon a million times better, although that is not saying much: Have the son say, "Well, I'll still be uch smarter and wiser than Bruce Tinsley.

Michael said...

I have a theory that fuckreagan is Tinsley's rebellious son.

rewinn said...

Yeah, c'mon fuckreagan, I like you and you have right to your rage but let's move on.

There's a lot about today's "comic" that is unintentionally funny.

Notice, for example, that the mother has neither arms nor legs. Apparently she put the two of them through college.


WV = "cessbox". OMG!

12xuser said...

It wasn't always an arm and a leg. At the University of Minnesota, tuition is TEN times what it was in 1980, and the main reason that tuition has risen so much is that state legislators, caught up in the "no tax" religion of Saint Ronnie, have raided education budgets and shifted the burden from taxpayers to students.

Somewhere I read: "Fuck Reagan".

Anonymous said...

Wow, Reagan is to blame for today's outrageous college costs!
Uh, time to move on, folks. Really, obsessing isn't healthy.

Tardnonymous said...

Things that happened in the past could have effects today? That's crazy talk!

Clearly the "halfrican" illegally occupying the White House is to blame, because back in the 80s everybody already KNEW he would become President someday!

rewinn said...

Well, to be fair, Reagan DID wreck the California college system.

Until his reign, tuition was pretty much free, if you had the academic chops. This meant the population was pretty well educated, which was bad news for the GOP. Reagan himself put it best: "Why should I help people who don't like me?"

Once you discourage people from getting educated by raising the price thereof, your society is in BIG trouble. Ignorant and stupid is bad for democracy.

Education, like good roads, clean water and reliable electricity, is good for the entire public even if some individuals abuse it. Closing down public water fountains because kids waste the water!

Neo Tuxedo said...

rewinn skrev:

This meant the population was pretty well educated, which was bad news for the GOP. Reagan himself put it best: "Why should I help people who don't like me?"

And this, I realized, must have been the inspiration for one of the few aspects of Transmetropolitan's The Beast that didn't come from Nixon:

SPIDER JERUSALEM: --you stick poor people who don't vote for you in poisoned housing--
What? They want to live off my tax money, they give me shit in the polling booth, and I should give them somewhere nice to live? Eat me.

Oh, and FR? Please don't hold back so much in the future. Next time, tell us what you really think of Tinshley. ^_^

WV: chimpers -- either a new fast-food sensation in The City, or an eerily apt description of the McVeigh/Bush wing of the GOP.