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Monday, March 02, 2009

That damned word

What's Mallard raving about today?

Government, Stimulus.

I don't actually understand what this is supposed to mean. I also don't know what organization Mallard believe is large enough to start a recovery.

I do know that I never want to see the word stimulated, or any of its variations, appear in Mallard Fillmore again. OK?


NLC said...

I don't actually understand what this is supposed to mean.

Reading strips like this makes me feel that somewhere over Tinsley's drawing board is a little yellow sticky that reads:

"Reminder to Self:
Nothing specific to complain about? String together a general whine. (Not important if it has any actual meaning provided it is sufficiently buzzword-laden.)

Anonymous said...

I can only guess that Ducky's point is that the only people who think the stimulus will work is the government. No matter how you slice it, today's strip is poorly done.

rewinn said...

Th'other point of the strip is that it's March already, and a bill passed in February has as yet FAILED to turn the economy around.

Imagine! Twenty-eight years of Reaganomics destroying our economy has not been reversed even though we've had more than fourteen days to work on it!

I actually laughed at this one; not WITH Mallard but AT him.

Jazzbumpa said...

Why not send this one over to CIDU?

Oh -- wait. Sorry. I lost my head, there. Blallard isn't a comic.

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