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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

That damned admission

What's Mallard raving about today?

Miss USA.

As I have no idea what the hell Mallard is moaning about today, I will satisfy myself with saying this:

Embarrassing, humiliating admission? Learn to use English, you Moran.


Factinista said...

What does it say about Mallard that he's the only one who seems to care about this kind of stuff?

Taquelli said...

What the? I didn't expect that, Mallard completely ignoring the bigoted chattel about this year's Miss USA having the audacity to not be Caucasian, instead making a joke that could be published any year, really. He may not have even heard the results when he drew this, considering how country-fried potatoes his drawing of the winner is here.

Kip W said...

When he's got nothing to say, he throws in too many adjectives. Too many overwrought, unenlightening adjectives. Another sign he's got nothing is when he draws a comic strip about a conservative duck.

Rootbeer said...

In addition to being a non-joke, the premise of this strip is factually preposterous.


Furthermore, although it does not seem to be true of Ms. Fakih in particular, it is far from uncommon for Miss USA participants to already be in competitions by age fourteen.

In short, Bruce Tinsley should spend less time thinking about pretty 14-year-old girls.

dlauthor said...

Great, Tinshley. Give Anonyrast more fapping material.

rewinn said...

Uhm, Miss USA was how many drinks ago?

I mean, how many weeks ago?

deepbeep said...

At least he didn't use the word "tart" this time.

DharmaPete said...


Bill the Splut said...

Whoa, this is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a knock-knock joke wrapped in a paper carrying Mallard that is wrapped around a dead fish!

The only possible solution I can come up with for this baffler is that Bruce drew this to coincide with the day after the pageant, and forgot to retract it and draw some "ARRRGH ISLAMFASCIST BEAUTY QUEEN BLAAARG!" strip. By which I mean, "forgot he ever drew it and sent it to the syndicate."

WV: wards; where Bruce needs some time, if you add "detox"

Ducky is Right said...

My god.
Guys, he drew Ms. America as a blond haired, blue eyed ditz.
Meaning he, most likely, drew this before anyone had won.
He was writing his whiny, simpleminded bitch-fest, abut a contest no one cares about, before there was even any controversy!

What. A. Hack.

Bill the Splut said...

Bruce, today, when he suddenly saw today what he drew 2 weeks ago:

"WHA?! Itza Miz USA BEEOOTY PAJHENT! An Aryan anorexic di'nt win?! WHA?!?!?"

So tomorrow will he start the "I hate BROWN PEOPLE but only BROWN PEOPLE because they're RACIST" crap, or just say "...wait, did I draw that...?" and pretend that he didn't, never to mention it again?

Kaitlyn said...


stop hurting my head!

Does this come from the outrage over "Toddlers and Tiaras" - seeing little girls acting "sexy"?

And no pageant girl thinks of it as a career - it's a way to go to college, start a career in entertainment... they know they can't do it forever. (Or until they're married - do they still have "Mrs" pageants?)

And many successful (and good) Indian actresses are former Miss Indias or Miss Worlds, or in the same pageant.

There - I mentioned Bollywood. Made just as much sense as he did.

MartyRotten said...

I may be wrong, but I think this is probably a jab a feminists (or as he and his fellow dittoheads call them "feminazis") who protested these paegants en masse about THIRTY YEARS AGO?!! "See, there are still girls who want to be in beauty paegants! Take that you Feminazi!! Now Get in the kitchen and bring me my dinner!!...And get me another fifth of gin while you're at it!!"