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Monday, June 28, 2010

Those damned Policies

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, BP's Oil Disaster.

At first glance, you'd kind of assume Mallard is suggesting that President Obama's policies toward offshore drilling caused the BP's disaster in the Gulf.

But I think he's making a more general comment on President Obama's policies which are, despite adding jobs throughout 2010, in fact killing off all job growth in America.

Either way, reality need not be heeded.

And, nice to know the single worst environmental catastrophe in American history is there for Mallard to score cheap points. Stay classy.


Tog said...

It's about the moratorium on drilling. Workers in the industry are facing tough times because of it.

Now, we all know that when it comes to laying off any other workers--say, teachers or cops--particularly under a GOP President, Batshit would be all HAW HAW IT'S DUMPSTER DIVING DINNERS FOR YOU, COMMIE RAT UNION MEMBERS! FREE MARKET ROOLZ! WOOOOOOO. But as DaveyK said, it's an opportunity to score cheap points, so now he cares.

But that's not the worst of it, Davey.
Not by a long shot.

doubleyou-tee-eff said...

colorist really screwed up on this one

Wonder if he'll try to justify Joe Barton's apology. Someone already has:

"Barton was right. Obama and company are a bunch of thugs and bullies. The people in the Gulf will have to jump through hoops to get that money, provided Obama and thugs don't raid the coffers bone dry first."


NickE said...
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NickE said...

I agree with Tinz. The only way to stop one of the biggest corporate-caused environmental disasters in history is to declare a National Day of Prayer, followed by a National Day of Apologizing to BP -- because, as everybody knows, the oil spill was caused by environmentalists.

The ultimate sin here, per the GOP, is that profits are being lost because valuable oil is being wasted on the marshlands and beaches of the Gulf instead of being sold to China.

Remember, a rising tide lifts all oil-stained boats (except the Fiberglas ones, because BP's proprietary dispersant eats through that stuff).

Toots McGee said...

These "policies" did not just spring up out of nowhere, disingenuduck. They were a response to a massive disaster, the responsibility of which rests squarely on the shoulders of BP. How convenient that you launch right into yet another condemnation of a perceived attempt by Obama to "destroy the economy!!!!" without even mentioning the spill.

You are a piece of work, Tinsley. Go back to bitching about television.

NickE said...
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NickE said...

The crucial thing, of course, is to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub filled with environmentally-unregulated oil derricks with no disaster plans, and then complain when the Government doesn't have the resources when the inevitable disaster hits.

dlauthor said...

I can't wait till the comic where Mallard ends up getting covered in oil and ends up getting set on fire by BP employees in order to conceal the extent of the damage they've done!

No, really, I can't wait. Also, Tinshley: please consider Pensacola for your vacation plans this year. Bring your snorkel! But leave your poor kids at home.

rewinn said...

When playing with matches burns one house down, it's time to stop playing with matches.

When *all* of our capability for responding to oil spills is tied up, it would be crazy to keep doing the thing that lead to it since we now have *zero* capability to respond to a 2nd disaster.

Perhaps Big Oil should have spent a little bit of their profits on figuring out what to do when things like this happen.

Kip W said...

I think BP has made a butt load of jobs here for people who clean up after disasters. Full employment for pelican scrubbers. (Too bad the pelicans probably die anyway, eh?)

dlauthor: when that happens, the duck will be complaining about what the fire hoses did to his shirt.

Frank Stone said...

"Perhaps Big Oil should have spent a little bit of their profits on figuring out what to do when things like this happen."

BLASPHEMY!!! Don't you realize that would have cut into their bottom line by a fraction of a percentage point?! Don't you realize that a slightly smaller profit is the same as a LOSS?? Don't you realize that in your sick, twisted socialist nightmare scenario, some of those poor, struggling oil executives might have had to take shorter vacations or buy smaller yachts?! WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA???

Factinista said...

Wow. Seeing "Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff" posted here made me realize how good it looks compared to MF.

Tog said...

Hey, before he fled into hiding from the press--which engages in evil "gotcha journalism" by reporting candidates' professed beliefs and public statements, rather than campaigning for the GOP, which is what they SHOULD be doing--Teabagger Triumphant Rand Paul shrugged his shoulders and said of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, "accidents happen."


Kaitlyn said...

The last image of Obama (that is Obama, right?) is just... scary. And... wrong.

exanonymous said...

No, I rather think BP killed job growth. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that the number of people employed on a deepwater oil rig is much smaller than the number of people employed for fishing, tourism, and food service that all depended on a healthy gulf stream area.

deepbeep said...

Is someone melting Obama's head with a gigantic magnifying glass?

Kip W said...

exanonymous, what about all the people behind the scenes at BP? The oil rig is just the tip of the iceberg. There's all the ship crews and helicopters that ferry men back and forth, there are the suppliers, the caterers, the lawyers, the PR guys who cover up the smaller disasters, the shills, the chain of command, and all those lobbyists who make as much as everybody else combined. It's like a whole ecosystem. Won't somebody think of the lobbyists??