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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That damned Future

What's Mallard raving about today?

Graduate School.

I know this will come as a huge shock, but Mallard Fillmore doesn't understand how Graduate School works.


Factinista said...

Given that the current generation of college grads is predicted to be less successful on average than the previous, this comic seems like it's almost mocking them for the lack of opportunity they will find.

Hey, it's well established that Tinsley hates humanity. I wouldn't put it past him.

NickE said...

Credit to Tinz, at least, for drawing a new face instead of just Xeroxing yet another Mallard head.

Looks like "Mallard Fillmore" has finally been dropped by Newsday. It's been replaced by "Pearls Before Swine," which ups the quality level by approximately one infinity percent.

Rootbeer said...

Great timing, Chumpsley.

Most colleges had their commencement ceremonies only about a month ago at this point.

exanonymous said...

This makes no sense.

A kid in graduate school until they're that old will rack up an ungodly amount of tuition fees. And one who doesn't is working hard at a job either with the school or outside in some business.

Or is this another "intellectual elites, amirite hurhur?"

dlauthor said...

"Looks like "Mallard Fillmore" has finally been dropped by Newsday. It's been replaced by "Pearls Before Swine," which ups the quality level by approximately one infinity percent."

NickE wins the Comments for today.

The way things are going, I'm beginning to wonder if Tinshley's even going to allow his own kids to go to college. Maybe one that has a decent football team. And a pub where a disheveled old dad with multiple DUIs who's in town visiting can drink a dozen boilermakers without anyone asking questions.

Kip W said...

Tin's all over slackers who didn't pull themselves up by Scaife's bootstraps like he did.

rewinn said...

Whenever Tinshley talks about graduate students, I am reminded that his wikipedia biography proudly proclaims that he attended a Harvard University summer program for undergraduates - an open admission program.

It's pathetic.

Decades ago I took a seminar at Yale. You pays yor money, you gets yor instruction. Now I can tell everybuddy I went to an Ivy League Colledddge!

Or I can mock kids who can actually get into gradut skool on der merit. If I can also draw a duck, I can become a leading conservative cartoonist!

rewinn said...

P.S. great news about "Pearls" - another genius strip.

And it's prolly considered left-wing cuz, you know, it makes fun of stupid stuff.

Anthony said...

dlauthor --

it was back today... funny how newsday seems to have the *option* for "pearls before swine" but only runs it if a strip is on vacation or they need to do a one-day replacement.

the question is: why did newsday drop mallard yesterday? was it the malodorous message (and possibly some hate mail after monday's strip)? or, possibly, more ridiculously, the use of the word "a**" on the comics page?

wv: cologeom - where mallard thinks grad students go to games.

Frank Stone said...

This from Bruce Tinsley, who has been paid for the last fifteen years to do the functional equivalent of nothing.
(And no, Brucie, converting large quantities of alcohol into brainfarts does not count as work.)

Kaitlyn said...

Yeah graduate school is SOOOOO easy* and SOOOOO cheap.

*I've taken a grad level course and I'm taking another one this semester for undergrad honors.

I know some people are reconsidering grad school - maybe they'll have better chances with more schooling. Or maybe the job market will improve before they get out.\

This is a total WTF - does he know what grad school is>?

Or does he think that because college students in movies are slackers, this kid will just mooch off his parents for 40 odd years, drinking beer. Being a slacker. And an elitist.

Does he know that some people (grown up people) are going back to school so they can look better for employers as well?

I asked if he understood grad school. Probably not. I don't think he gets undergrad. Or high school. Or middle school. Or elementary school. Or preschool.

Doesn't he have kids, though? He should know something.

I wouldn't mind staying in college forever, having my scholarships pay for everything... maybe that's the "joke"?

We're so coddled we're scared to leave the liberal haven of school for the "real world" and we don't want to work.

(Though many people at retirement age have to work now because their retirement money pays the cable bill.)

Kip W said...

Frank Stone, they're working on a car that runs on Tin's opinions. Apparently, a fifth of rotgut, after passing through him, can run a Hummer for seventeen miles!

Assohol power.