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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Those damned Interns

What's Mallard raving about today?

Interns, Bosses.

I'm Mallard Fillmore, and I hate pretty much everyone. But in Spring, my thoughts turn to 14 year old girls and teenage boys.


Anonymous said... there a joke in this strip beyond "Kids are sure dumb! Hur hur hur!"?

Randy said...

When did Mallard's boss turn into a conservative? Or had Tinsley already killed off the brain cells that were storing "heckuva job, Brownie"? This kind of thing sounds much more like "old boys' club" kind of stuff than anything associated with liberals, like the boss was supposed to be last I recall.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

I was going to just write "LOL KIDS R DUMM" here, but Anonymous totally beat me to it. Looks like a typical "oops--I forgot to tell a joke" day.

Randy, DON'T CONFUSE TINSLEY BY SUGGESTING THAT THERE SHOULD BE SOME INTERNAL CONSISTENCY TO HIS COMIC. Libruls R Dumm, Mr. Jewsworthy is a liberal, therefore whatever Mr. Jewsworthy does is both liberal and dumb. Queue Ee Dee.

exanonymous said...

How un-libertarian.

Rand Paul would have no problem with nepotism. The other option would be to government regulate it.

But another question: if the kid is really that lacking in work skills, wouldn't a job be GOOD for him? Privileged middle class kids should learn about bootstraps at some point, and even if it's your father's friend who hires you, you still learn to work because the other employees aren't going to cover for you and the boss isn't going to babysit you.

Neo Tuxedo said...

FHMC GeoX explains Tinsh's position:

Libruls R Dumm, Mr. Jewsworthy is a liberal, therefore whatever Mr. Jewsworthy does is both liberal and dumb.

*nods* Or, as I've put it myself in other comments, "Anything liberals do or support is by definition bad and wrong, and anything bad and wrong is, by definition, something all liberals, and only liberals, do or support."

WV: scalin, the pairing that breaks your brain or your money back.

Kip W said...

Why, when Tin was this kid's age he knew twice as many songs and he had to learn them off of a radio none of this sissy download stuff goddamn spoiled little punks.

I like my bleakness with at least a token effort at humor, thanks.

wv: bitanol, the active ingredient in bitter drunks

dlauthor said...

I just had a horrifying thought: does Tinshley hire a summer intern? I mean, someone has to sort through the empties, mop up the vomit, and post bail. I'd imagine his wife told him long ago that she and the kids weren't doing that any more.

rewinn said...

Two thoughts:

1. The great Bill Mauldin had the humility to write that his postwar work started off lousy, and explained that at the time he didn't know anything about being an adult in civilian life but tried to cartoon about it. It got better because he was willing to learn, he had good editors willing to teach, and because he lost customers who had superior alternatives.

Brewski knows nothing about working for a boss in today's America; he's not willing to learn because he already knows everything; he obviously has no editor who cares (since his embarassingly wordy text crushes his punchlines); and his work is carried not for its quality but to show "balance" with "liberal" comics such as Doonesbury.

Thus Tinshley is condemned to a hell of mediocrity, as ajudicated by the Free Market. Even in an era where the sorriest hack writers can get corporate shills to prepurchase pallets of books to create a "best seller", there has not been a single "Mallard Fillmore" collection in over a decade. People won't buy it.

I don't know why; it's no worse than Glenn Beck or Michelle Malkin. Maybe I'm giving the drunk punk an idea ...

2. The dominant emotion in "Mallard Fillmore" is impotent rage. Sometimes there's sadness mixed in but mostly (as today's "comic" shows) the world just beats you down and there is no hope or joy. The conservative world view is a sorry place, a Hobbesian struggle of all-against-all, with no place for community feeling or love.

No wonder mentally health people shun it.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley's "Thought" process while drinking drums of Woood-Grain alcohol, and crayoning this comic:

"Bosses are rich, and White, therefore, they are perfect! Employees are poor niggers, therefore, they are Nazis! Why can I not buy rubbing alcohol in quantities above 50 gallons? I am 150 years old, thus, teenagers are my opposites, and I am perfect--fuck, when is my Klan robe going to be dry--so they must be evil! I hate anyone who wants to improve his life--I must go to a gay bar, masturbate to--I mean, literally, club--the clientele--as that sort of thinking leads to technology, and social advancement! Must get more industrial-sized bleach to drink!

Tinsley's stream of conscious is a horrifying thing that should, only, be examined by the best psychiatrists!

Word Verification: Pirdin, an anagram of in drip, and Tinsley is in a constant drip of Wood-Grain alcohol.

Frank Stone said...

Haw!! What a clever, insightful knee-slapper! That Brucie -- can he call 'em, or what? Maybe in tomorrow's strip, he'll tell us how it's all Obama's fault that our children isn't learning. Because of socialism. Or something. (Maybe he can do something with this recently-resurrected urban myth.)

Iron Dragon said...

As someone who is currently trying to find work in the current market I have nothing but sympathy for others. I'm a recent college graduate, as it is right now I have fairly little work experience and I'm competing against people with far more. The fact that Noseworthy is even willing to hire any kids could be seen as a charitable action (or a cruel one, depending on who might not get hired instead)

The joke itself works in theory, but to be bluntly honest he could have avoided Newsworthies whole nepotism comment, instead just keeping it as an implication to lazy youth or failed education. It probably would have worked better too.