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Friday, June 04, 2010

That damned Win

What's Mallard raving about today?

Job Applicants.

As someone who regularly interviews and hires people, I can tell you that the way people dress to interviews is a reliable economic indicator. When times are bad and competition is fierce, people dress up for interviews. When times are good and qualified applicants are scarce, people show up dressed however they like.

They do this because they are rational human beings and most sane hiring managers assess the applicant more than their dress, absent corporate culture like IBM where failure to dress appropriately is an accurate marker for someone who won't fit the culture.

Mallard, by contrast, is an idiot who knows nothing about doing actual work for a living.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

LOL hippies amirite?

Anonymous said...

"Kids today, with their bubble gum and their midriffs and their texting and loud music and hula hoops..."
(Shakes cane at the durn smootchers, then closes door and goes back inside.)

exanonymous said...

So, BP is "fixing" the oil spill by attempting to salvage the oil well to continue taking in oil while the oil itself seeps towards Florida, our "ally" Israel shot an American citizen 4 times in the head for bringing books and toys to impoverished Gaza children on a ship that already was inspected by an ally of Israel, Rand Paul the tea party darling has yet to pull his foot out of his "libertarian" mouth, Japan's prime minister resigns because he bowed to US interests regarding keeping a military base that had US soldiers raping teenage girls, and the UK's conservative prime minister struck a deal with the liberal party, Harry Reid might actually win due to Ms. Chickens-for-care, North and South Korea remembered they were at war, and Iran's kidnapped US citizens for spy trading while refining nuclear material.

And the conservative rant of the week is... teenagers apply for jobs in flipflops? The world's going to hell in a hand basket due to that liberal dress code!

Next week: Sestak!

Randy said...

News flash, Mr. Straw-liberal Boss-man: If you'd really won in "abolish[ing]... stuffy, bourgeois social conventions," you wouldn't be griping about them now, would you? Neither would Tinsley or his duck.

Iron Dragon said...

I admittedly don't quite see the rationale behind a dress code outside of certain environments. Where it is necessary for safety it makes sense, or if you're trying to impress a client or something it makes sense. But since a lot of businesses have casual days as is it seems to imply that the clothing doesn't have much to do with the overall quality of work.

Yes, showing up to an interview and showing disinterest, or outright ignoring the interviewer to text is rude but they also aren't likely to get hired unless literally NO ONE else is applying or the person who came in dressed in flip flops is ridiculously qualified, and in that case they may have worn it as a statement on their thoughts on the position and how much they were needed versus needing the job.

Kip W said...

Teenage job applicant applying for work in bare midriffs. Noseworthy's probably touching himself under the desk there and wondering how he came to be Tin's surrogate today.

(Anon: "SMOOCHERS!" If that's an MST callout, I'm applauding.

exanon: If only Tin, or anybody on his side of reality, was capable of feeling shame.)

Rootbeer said...

"Kids today, with their bare, toned midriffs... their pert bosoms... the gentle curves of the pelvis, never yet having known the probing embrace of am adult man's... I'm sorry, what were you saying? Last call already?"

MToje said...

The chair and desk both seem rather upset about the quality (or lack thereof) of new applicants. Mr. Noseworthy, ever the insidious Jew, offers a tantalizing "...We won," leaving the reader to wonder what new Zionist plot he and his banker overlords executed.

Mallard, undoubtedly, is either staring incredulously at a quote about courage, sacrifice, perseverance, or some other virtue of which he has had no experience; or he is smirking in front of a camera, while reporting on how other news outlets are reporting.

Ducky is Right said...

You're interviewing summer interns for a crappy local paper. What the hell do you expect?

dlauthor said...

Meanwhile, Tinshley continues to be furious at the applicants for his summer internship because they refuse to buy him another round at the bar or roll around on the floor of his "office" with him.

Frank Stone said...

Wow -- so Brucie actually did have a punchline for this week's trail of turds: "It's all the liberals' fault! Hur-hur!" Brilliant.





Ken said...

Okay... so why IS the Jewish caricature bothered that kids today have some of the same ideals that he does?

Corstu said...

I'm poor, and I always dress up for interviews. Even in blazing midsummer, noonday sun beating down, I'm in my shirt and tie and jacket. That's what you do god damn it.

I'd be worried about turning into Mallard if there was any chance that this strip had any resemblance to reality.

rewinn said...

I'd be grateful to have some applicants texting friends during an interview.

It's always nice to have objective reasons for sorting out the ones that want to work from the ones who aren't so sure.