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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Those damned Interns

What's Mallard raving about today?


Still no mention of BP destroying the Gulf of Mexico, but plenty of space available to regale us with complaints about the work ethic of Summer Interns.

From Mallard Fillmore, whose own exemplary work ethic resulted in this diatribe against nose hair.

By the way, Republicans are ashamed of America, you should be too. Please apologize to BP.


Tog said...

Five faces--three sporting the exact same expression, plus two Mallard-heads that might as well be copypasted from any one of a thousand other strips; a wall of text that amounts to a throwaway gag from an ancient Simpsons rerun; completely incoherent panel separation.

Batshit's using THAT as a backdrop to lecture you on work ethic.


DharmaPete said...

Well, of course, when you insist your not-quite legal interns match you drink for drink, this is what your going to get. In businesses where people don't exist purely on alcohol and Cheetoes, interns actually work like they are part of the organization. If Tinshley crawled out of his bottle for a little while, he might see this.

rewinn said...

When did Mallard become Crankshaft?

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Republicans love to censor anything that could be considered fun. A T-shirt saying, "I fucked a hundred guys with strap-on while taking shits," might be fun to wear, therefore, they must prevent such a thing from being worn. Any form of expression is anathema to Republicans, especially Bruce Tinsley.

deepbeep said...

Summer interns are motivated, hard working, and often do it for free. Why pick on them?

Maybe Mallard realizes they make his work ethic (mainly browsing adult websites while sneaking nips from his desk flask) look bad by comparison.

Kaitlyn said...

Can you *not* fire interns?

Also, the only one who would be doing any of those things would be Zoe, who got it through nepotism, while the others competed for the spot.

But no, teenagers and college students are lazy bums who don't know how to dress appropriately.

Or how to google - I would think an intern would borrow money from mom and dad, get a nice suit, show up with folders and pens and their laptop (with a nice clean cover hiding their spongebob stickers) in a borrowed briefcase only to be told to fetch coffee.

We're going to college and high school with the economy in the dumps so we're not going to treat an internship (a foot in the door! recommendations! possibly a job when you graduate) as a joke... unless we're related to somebody.

One part of me says "use your family connections" while another grumbles about how it's unfair.

Kaitlyn said...

He is behind on his generation stereotypes - my generation is not as entitled as the one before us, because we grew up in the Bush years with terrorism and a bad economy and seeing people lose everything.

This is ten years old, minus the twitter and facebook - which would have been "talk to your friend on the company phone" and "IM on AOL"

Kip W said...

It's like I'm looking at the static that crackles in Tin's head when active thought ceases. Stare at it long enough, and perhaps a three-dimensional object will seem to rise above the background of random noise. Will it be a dolphin? Or a sailboat?