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Thursday, June 10, 2010

That damned program

What's Mallard raving about today?


At least that explains why Mallard is staring at the TV with such rapt attention.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Pretty sure that if you had the stomach to go through the archives, you'd find that Tinsley's done exactly this "joke" a number of times before.

WV: "ackpol." As in: Ack--police! No time to get rid of the whiskey bottle! Gotta drink the evidence in a the next six seconds!"

Tog said...

Batshit really needs to learn that there is a difference between "people with normal attention spans" and "people who will stare slackjawed for hours at any shiny object." Also, given Batshit's own mental issues (selective memory and projection, for example), he's got no business going on about anyone else's.

We can throw this one on the pile of recent strips that ignored a cornucopia of topics in the news, simply to make some generalized, pointless insult.

NotannonNotcow said...



Kip W said...
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Kip W said...

A glassy-eyed duck staring listlessly at an unseen screen. It's the trifecta of blazing political insight, searing social commentary, and comedy gold.

[edited for spellimg]

ajm said...

Wait a second -- TV is mindless? Please, Tinsley, my ribs, my ribs! Is nothing sacred to you?

Rootbeer said...

This from a cartoonist who routinely submits single-panel strips to his syndicate, while his colleagues typically do three panels in a daily strip and six to eight in a Sunday strip.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's possible that Tinsley actually died a while back, but, like in some wayward Marxist regime, they refuse to let us know the Dear Leader is kaput for fear we'll panic or press for revision of the comic pages.

rewinn said...

Ya know what's TV suitable for people with an attention span?

The ongoing Gulf Oil disaster, caused by companies that refused to invest any money in new tools for preventing disaster and for responding to them when they occur.

When BP or Halliburton decided no to use safe methods to mud their well, they're fighting the results with tools (top hat, junk shot, floating booms) from before seat belts were required in passenger cars.

Will we ever see Mallard Fillmore coated with oil?

deepbeep said...

How about reading a book this week, Mallard?

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Congratulations, you published this comic in the summer, defeating the purpose of the idiotic cliched comment you made.

Word Verification: Miaere, a synonym for the French word Merde, meaning shit, and the English words Mallard Fillmore.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Word Verification: Inginity, like an average day for Tinsley.

exanonymous said...

Boo hoo.

Turn off the telly.

Problem solved!

I guess it's obvious why Mallard doesn't wear pants though. Too complicated to put one leg in at a time.

Tog said...

DeepBeep wrote: "How about reading a book this week, Mallard?"

Yeah, Tins, Glenn Beck has a recommendation.

Meanwhile, if you're still stumped for ideas, Batshit, how about a strip on how John Boehner (who called HCR "the greatest threat to nineteen years) wants/wanted your oh-so-precious tax dollars to cover BP's clean-up expenses. C'mon, Batshit, you can do it! Other comic-strip artists certainly won't be afraid to.

WV: condi. Jesus Christ, I can't make this up.

exanonymous said...

To be fair to Beohner, well, kind of fair, when someone asks him something about responsibility, he couldn't help pointing a finger at the administration any more than a healthy person can avoid kicking when their doctor taps their knee.

The ultra-tanned synapses didn't fire off effectively enough to register the economic connection to the question. He is a career politician and as such every answer is played to forward his political side by blaming the other, and the memo currently is to make the BP oil spill Obama's Katrina. This is the guy who printed out the HCR bill and played drama queen with the number of pages at the health care "trap" without adding any actual concerns beyond the fact that it, and by extension the Harry Potter series, might be hard to read.