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Monday, June 14, 2010

Those damned Jobs

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Jobs.

Weeks later, Mallard begins his faux outrage over politicians engaging in politics.

Which is OK, since we all remember the outrage he expressed over Bush-era incompetents like Michael Brown being given political appointments for political patronage.

So it's not like Mallard's a complete hypocrite or anything.


exanonymous said...

This is like the "incumbents lose everywhere" that's being repeated. There isn't sufficient data to back it up, but it's a nice talking point to beat the tar out of the horse's rotten remains for the next few weeks.

Sure beats trying to find a solution to anything. Besides the one where you get the scareymarxistnazicommunistmastermindcriminalindifferentincompetentboymuslimthug out of office.

Kip W said...

Wow. Has it really been two weeks already since this non-story was ballyhooed and shot down? My, they grow stale so quickly these days.

Any chance we'll be seeing Huckabee's snake-oil from FOX where he has some guy dressed as a scientist show him an amazing powder that could clean up the Gulf and make the water drinkable (assuming, of course, that it's a five-gallon tank full of tap water)? If Huckabee was only a Democrat, we could count on a two-week run of it.

Rootbeer said...

This is about as obvious and lazy a joke about the Obama job-offer "story" that could exist, so the obvious and lazy artwork actually complements it very well.

dlauthor said...

Ah, Tinshley. Roaming the countryside, leaving no dead horse unflogged, and no jar of paint thinner unguzzled.

rewinn said...

The real scandal here is that Obama supports the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party (Blanche "WalMart Lincoln" and Arlen "Say Anything" Spector) over the populist wing.

But for Tinshley to criticize anyone on THAT, he'd have to stop worshipping at the alter of Ann Rand

Ducky is Right said...

Hmmm, haven't heard of it. I DO remember how Ducky was all over Bush's "Give Jobs to the Multi-Billion Dollar International Corporation We Used to Work For" program.
Wait, what?