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Saturday, June 05, 2010

That damned Europe

What's Mallard raving about today?


Admittedly this may fall under the rubric of Mallard hates Europe and assumes everyone else does. But I suspect this has to do with Europe's mounting economic woes.

Mallard apparently does not believe in the saying: "People in glass houses should not throw stones."


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

LOL Europe amirite?

Seriously, Bruce, this may well be your most feeble effort yet. Nobody who isn't marinated in fucktarded talking points will have ANY goddamn clue why we're supposed to not want to be Europeans all of a sudden, and I'm pretty sure that most of the ones who CLAIM to have a clue will just be faking it because HUR HUR DUMM YURPEANS.

Is it the case, Bruce, that your alcoholism is effect rather than cause? That is, you drink because otherwise you'd have to face up to the mind-boggling, transcendently worthless nature of your only notable contribution to the world? I suppose I'd probably be deep in my cups too, assuming I was too weak-willed to force myself to just STOP SUCKING SO MUCH.

Tog said...

Personally, I'm wondering about the sudden disappearance of Rand Paul, Teabagger Triumphant. After a week in which he flip-flopped back and forth over the Civil Rights Act, then looked at the BP mess, shrugged his shoulders, and said with a straight face, "Oh well, accidents happen (HURF HURF DURF)" this not-at-all-racist libertarian evaporated like a wet fart in a cold wind. Any thoughts, Batshit?

Oh well. I'm assuming that this strip has something to do with regrets over health care reform, that exist only in what you laughingly call your mind. Seriously, go outside and talk to real people once in a while, Batshit. It'll do you good.

exanonymous said...

Just one problem:

Europe's economic woes are nothing compared to ours. To add insult to injury, their economic woes are caused by ours.

And we should be more like Europe. Certainly not identical to the systems that were overburdened like Greece, but we're not asking for retirement ages of 50, 100% free health care, and government issued social security that allows people to retire in style. Maybe it's just worth changing our system enough so that our retirement age isn't "death", social security is enough so that the older population doesn't need to chose between the gas to go to the grocery store or the food in the store, and privatized health insurance doesn't continually drain a larger percentage of our paychecks each year to make profits while refusing to deliver on service.

The trick is to make an intelligent and balanced system, not completely reject a side based on political leanings because there was a failing when taken to an extreme. I mean, I'm not about to rule out capitalism just because Somalia's an economic hellhole.

Ducky is Right said...

HAHAHAHA! Europe's economic system has lead to a near financial disaster!! LOLOLOLOLOL!! Hey, where'd my job go?

Anonymous said...

My guess is they're hiding with Rand Paul and the "Drill Baby Drill" people.

In other news, this is closer than I've ever wanted to get to Duck. No more close-ups, pleeeease.

Kip W said...

Europe's farther away from the staring duck head, right? Dude, I'm so there.

(Tog, asking Tin for thoughts is like asking a cow for eggs. You might get something, but I wouldn't cook with it if I was you.)

rewinn said...

"We should be more like Europe".

Europe's recession was much milder than ours, mostly because they supported the demand side with unemployment bennies, continuing health care, etc. Also they more tightly regulated the more extreme forms of financial fraud, hence no collapsing CDO market.

Iceland collapsed because it went too much with an unregulated free market.

Greece's economy is in trouble because it let Goldman Sachs market its debt.

Spain is explicitly under attack by private currency traders seeking to profit. If Spain had Preador drones, it might be bombing Wall Street any day now.

So would we be better off if we were more like Europe ? Hellya

deepbeep said...

We should be more like Europe.

Rootbeer said...

OH GOD. The folks with "Liberal Huntin' Permit" stickers on the back windows of their pristine American-made pickup trucks have started taking them seriously!

Since this must have happened 2-3 weeks ago given the comic's lead time, I'd say the odds of finding any of the victims still alive are pretty slim at this point.