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Sunday, June 13, 2010

That damned Potato

What's Mallard raving about today?

Baked Potatoes, Education Standards.

So says the duck who only graduated to the position of professional cartoonist when newspapers lowered their quality standards because someone with actual talent was perceived as having a particular point of view.

Case in point, this is just a recycled gripe from 2006, except back then it was a turnip.


MartyRotten said...

If this joke appeared in Zippy the Pinhead it would be surreal and absurd but here it's just sad and pathetic. That's beacuse Bill Griffith has the talent to make such absurdities funny and Bruce Tinsley doesn't.

Ducky is Right said...

Things that would have been funnier then a baked potato:

Emperor Penguin
'Doogie Howser" pinball machine
Larry King's suspenders
Gold seller spam-bot program
Hood ornament from a 57 Chevy
Golden Labrador puppy
Mr. Squiggles, the Wonder Tortoise

rewinn said...

"Middle School Graduations are dumb."

Did Mr. Bruce Crankypants just have to suffer through another overly long ceremony with robes to provide his love for his progeny?

And why, oh why, did his beloved No Child Left Behind fail to protect us from the Potato Menace?

Tog said...

@Ducky Is Right: Those things require an imagination, which is a tool of the Liberal Devil, leading to perverse sexual practices and sass-mouth kids.

Batshit Brucie is forever unpolluted by such evil.

exanonymous said...

Using hyperbole to illustrate problems with current pollution to promote going green?

Using hyperbole to insult public education?
Perfectly acceptable!

Kip W said...

Tin's still sore that the potato got better grades than he did.

Rootbeer said...

I'm trying to figure out whether I'm impressed that Bruce edited himself well enough to omit the non-sequitur about "kids with two parents with careers with companies with jobs with cheese" this time around, or angry that he was simply too lazy to make the effort this time.

wavydavy said...

Oh gosh oh golly! Educators and education are stupid because Lushface imagines a baked potato in school.

OTOH, Corporate America is wonderful and should be trusted and believed at all times in spite of the fact that there are ACTUAL instances of their offering credit cards to dogs and 2-month-old babies.

Maybe he can make a joke about vegetables with credit cards. Nah, that would take some actual thought.