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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Mallard, in memory of the day, would like to tell everyone that Christianity is the best religion of all.


Frank Stone said...

OK, Mallard -- I'll see your warm-and-fuzzy John Knox quote and raise you two John Knox quotes reflecting, respectively, misogyny and contempt for nonbelievers:

"Woman in her greatest perfection was made to serve and obey man, not to rule and command him: as Saint Paul does reason in these words, “Man is not of woman, but woman of the man.” And man was not created for the cause of woman, but the woman for the cause of man, and therefore ought the woman to have power upon her head (that is a coverture in sign of subjection). Of which words it is plain that the Apostle meaneth, that woman in her greatest perfection should have known, that man was Lord above her: and therefore she should never have pretended any kind of superiority above him, no more then do the angels above God the creator or above Christ Jesus their head."

"He who, when necessity constrains, desires not support and help of God, does provoke his wrath no less than such as make false gods or openly deny God."

Borborygmy said...

If Christianity is the best of all religions, and the Duck quotes John Knox, then Presbyterianism is the best iteration of Christianity, no?

Rather a divisive person, Knox. But you couldn't expect a person as profoundly ignorant as Tinsley to know that.

CW in LA said...

True, Brews doesn't think invoking Knox is divisive at all. Like his hero whose name must not be spoken, he fancies himself a uniter, not a divider. But for both of them, uniting means, "Everyone agrees that I'm right!"

Tog said...

Note to Tinsley: There's more to being a Christian than pretending to be one two or three days out of an otherwise greedy and hate-filled year--just like there's more to being a patriot than remembering Veterans' Day half the time and swaddling yourself in Dad's military service.

I'll start paying attention to your professed Christianity when you start practicing Christianity.

OT: TBogg's surprise Easter posting is so good I want to hurt certain individuals in the face.

MartyRotten said...

Republican conservatives like Tinsley remind me of another great quote. "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -Mahatma Ghandi

rewinn said...

Saying that you "Love Jesus" is easy and cheap; obeying His command to love your neighbor is hard and expensive.

Never trust anyone who tells you that they love Jesus; if they really do, you don't need to be told.

Kip W said...

Compassionate conservatism: lip service on some major holidays. Chap-stik for the soul.

rewinn said...

".... Chap-stik for the soul."

Dagnabbit - your aphorism beat my aphorism AGAIN!

What are you, some sort of aphorismaphile ;-)

Anonymous said...

This seems so fake and empty, coming from Mallard, who as everyone above agrees, acts so non-Christian.
While on this subject matter: Jesus certainly would not be a Republican.