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Monday, April 23, 2012

That damned Objection

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

One has to love the fact that, suddenly, judicial activism is good, if you are a Republican.

No sense being intellectually consistent when you can be mindlessly partisan.


Kip W said...

The GOP has loved judicial activism since 2000, the year that they voted to reduce the power of the part of the government called "voters."

Tog said...

I don't see an asterisk anywhere. Is this supposed to actually related to recent events, or is Batshit just channeling some secret-Muslim, Sharia-Law teabagger bugaboo again?

CW in LA said...

And it's not like one of the Big Ideas Newt Gingrich recently pulled out of his capacious backside was that as president he could haul before congress and/or arrest judges whose rulings displeased him. That one seems to have fallen into the wingnut memory hole.

Frank Stone said...

Um... what?

Is he saying that Obama is trying to abolish the Judicial Branch?

Um... what??

dlauthor said...

C'mon, Frank. This is not an unusual hallucination for Tinshley. In his ethanol-scorched mind, he's firmly of the opinion that you never know what that uppity seekrit Mohammedan is going to get up to.

DiR said...

Oh christ, I had completely forgotten about this.

Apparently, Obama said something along the lines of, "I'm confident that the Supreme Court will find the HealthCare Bill Constitutional."

Fox News, et al, immediately decided that this was a direct threat to Supreme Court, and the entire Judicial Branch. Remember some hubbub where the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals sent the Department of Justice demanding they explain how the Judicial Review process works?
Eric Holder sent back a letter explaining, in very polite legalese, that the 5th Circuit can go fuck itself. I enjoyed reading his letter.

tl;dr - a typical republican non-scandal scandal.