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Thursday, April 26, 2012

That damned Party

What's Mallard raving about today?

GSA Scandal

While GSA were idiotic, the question before us is: how many days will Mallard flog this particular horse before he gets distracted by the next shiny object?


Rootbeer said...

Ugh. What do these elderly people and their ugly-ass living room furniture have to do with the GSA conference?

And not to excuse wasteful spending at any scale, but some perspective, please.

The $823 million spent that week in Las Vegas comprises 0.02% of the 2010 budget's total expenditures of $3.721 trillion.

If you're concerned about waste, there are more important places to look -- such as the DOD, whose 2010 budget was over 1000x the GSA's. How much did we pay Burger King to keep our servicemen stationed overseas fat?

dlauthor said...

I see that Tinshley's DTs were too bad to draw a new strip again, and used Template #6: "two old people reading blank newspapers next to a weird teapot/lamp hybrid I hallucinated once while lying on the living room floor." Just scrawl something barely intelligible into the balloons (but not the papers! That smells like work!) and it's time to start searching the discarded cans of Michelob for one that's only half-empty!

Meanwhile, the notion that someone, somewhere, had a better time than him involving alcohol is more than enough to get his sanctimonious, jealous rage a-cookin'.

Bill the Splut said...


You mean $823 thousand. I;m not saying that that's pocket change. Well, to the Pentagon, sure. To them that's a set of socket wrenches.

Kip W said...
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Kip W said...

That's just GOP SOP. When you get caught stealing a half ton of government cheese, you get angry and say, "The mouse is the real criminal!"

rewinn said...

The difference between liberals and conservatives is this:
We think corrupt officials should be punished, not made President.

Rootbeer said...

Jeez, you're right. I was thinking "$823,000? That's almost almost one million," and then I did the math wrong from there.

So really, the conference was 0.000002% of federal spending that year.


dlauthor said...

$823 million is more like the kind of party a big-time corporate CEO would throw for his own birthday on a private island somewhere. Which is perfectly OK because FREE MARKET IS WHY YOU DIRTY HIPPIE COMMIE OCCUPOOPER

David in NYC said...

Yes, indeedy! That $823,000 comes to, roughly, a whopping $0.0025 (one-fourth of a penny) per American.

I'm planning to take a second job to pay for my share.