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Monday, April 09, 2012

That damned Reading

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Hunger Games

Based on the drawing, "she" is in her 30's. I fail to see what's so surprising.

Except thatMmallard is a Republican and it's possible he doesn't believe Women should be taught to read as that can only lead to thinking, which of course could lead to them wanting things like (gasp!) access to contraceptives, control of their own bodies, or even equal pay.

Ha, ha! I kid. Republicans will never let that happen.


Tog said...

She apparently "reads" by opening the book only a narrow crack. Neat trick if it works, and it doesn't.

I think the problem is that Tinsley once again relies too strongly on the assumption that everyone is familiar with his shtick to the point that any parent who is out-of-touch with their child to the point they don't know she can read is automatically assumed to be a stoopit liburul moran.

In doing so, Tinsley forgets to add his usual subtle indicators, such as ponytails, Obama- or Clinton-related campaign materials, bongs, burning American flags, and so on.

Not since Rob Liefeld's glory days have I seen an "artist" draw so much attention to his inability or unwillingness to draw feet. Or knees. What's the matter, Tins? Wake up two hours before deadline?

dlauthor said...

Once again, a depressing glimpse of the contempt Tinshley harbors for his own children.

Kip W said...

Fearlessly naming names is what separates Mallard from, well, Herb and Jamaal. Okay, and obviously the other strip has better art work as well, and characters someone might care about.

rewinn said...

Mallard Fillmore's super-power is the ability to be 3 weeks late on every story.

It is not a very useful super-power, but it is *his*.

Steve-O said...

In this case Tinsley is about three years late.

Also, hasn't he been bitching about Twilight in th recent past? Hasn't he heard of Harry Potter?

That's our Tinz though, douchebag to the end.

Frank Stone said...

That's supposed to be a girl?

Who knew?

Kip W said...

If it wasn't for fearlessly naming names, nobody'd have a clue what's going on in Mallard's world. The more labels he includes, the closer we are to figuring out what he's on about. It's sort of like Ramirez. You work backwards from the apparent punch line and fill in.

CW in LA said...

Has Brews ever said what he finds objectionable about the "Hunger Games" books? Or is he just assuming that, if young people like it, it must be stoopit librul propaganda?

Guess kids can't all be smart enough to sit in front of the TV b!tching about the reality programming they can't be bothered to switch away from, huh?

DiR said...

@ CW: huh. To my understanding, Hunger Games is basically using underaged fratricide to lampoon the lazy and degrading nature of reality television, and people who watch it, so one would THINK Bruce would be in favor of it.

But I suppose there's also undertones of class warfare of the rich oppressing the huddle masses, so it's obviuosly a communist handbook.
OOPS! Sorry, I forgot: it's only "class warfare" when it's poor people being mean to the Wealthy, and demanding they pay more taxes. When it's the wealthy crushing the peons in hopeless poverty, that's good ol' fashion, God-fearing, capitalist justice.

Tog said...

@DiR: There's also BLACK people in the movie, and they're not all criminals (although District 11--whose citizens are destitute, starving farm laborers described in the book as having "dark brown skin"--begins rioting).

I'm sure this deeply disturbs you note, not because there's a fenced-off region where "they" are all herded back into de facto slavery, but that "they" are still depicted as human.

The presence of black people in the film also enrages certain self-professed fans of the book who apparently can't read (surprise surprise). But racism is dead!

Speaking of racist assholes, the three-week countdown is on! What will Tinsley's reaction be (if any) to the firing of John Derbyshite (sic)? On the one hand, Derbs is a proud attention-whoring racist who blames all ills on "PC police" and "PC public school indoctrination"; on the other hand, he was finally too much of a proud attention-whoring racist for The National Review.

The National Review.

Gawker has a thankfully-brief post-firing interview with Derbs that will drop your jaw. It comes with a most appropriate photo of Derbs digging a hole deeper. Perhaps his own grave? Whatever it is, it's not the icon of heroism I'm certain he fancies it to be.