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Monday, April 16, 2012

Those damned Beetles

What's Mallard raving about today?

Starbucks, Vegans.

It's days like today that you realize just how bad at his job Mallard Fillmore is. I mean, here we have a perfectly innocuous comic and even a recognizable joke.

But, for God's sake Mallard...a Frappuccino has MILK in it. Do you even understand what a Vegan is? You think that suddenly, with the introduction of beetles, the Frappucino is off the menu for them?

Mallard Fillmore: 100% wrong 100% of the time.

Update: Apparently in this story, the Frappucino is made with soy milk, so, you know, my bad!


MissD said...

I hate Tinsley as much as everyone, but in this story they are talking about frappuccinos made with soy, not milk.

MissD said...

Here is the link to the story. I do indeed agree that Tinsley has no idea what a frappuccino is or what a vegan is.

Bill the Splut said...

Next we'll see Bruce's brutal indictment of corporations wanting to sell Pink Slime as "food" to schoolchildren!

Sorry, I forgot--the only people who go to Starbucks are liberal pinko college professors with little beards and tinier ponytails, who deserve what they get. Corporations can do what ever they want, as it's the Free Market! And they deserve what they get--PROFITS!

Tog said...

Tinsley would be surprised (and probably horrified) to find out what's really in everything he consumes.

But you know what Tinsley says: "Ignorance IS bliss! Megadittoes!!"

Frank Stone said...
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Frank Stone said...

"But, for God's sake Mallard...a Frappuccino has MILK in it. Do you even understand what a Vegan is?"

If there's one thing Mallard/Brucie has demonstrated by now, it's that he doesn't understand what ANYTHING is.

Bill the Splut said...

Here, Mallard, have a hot dog!

"MMM--pig rectum-y! It's the rat hair and roach poop that really gives it flavor!"

rewinn said...

Is Mallard Fillmore now attacking food additives?

Why does he hate capitalism???

rewinn said...

Uh-oh - @DavyK - you admitted you made a mistake.

What are you, some kinda liberal ;-)