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Friday, April 13, 2012

That damned Jeopardy

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Trayvon Martin, I think

Once again, Mallard's timing is epic, coinciding as it does not only with the charging of George Zimmerman but also with the staggeringly over-the-top media and Republican reaction to stupid comments by a CNN employee.


Tog said...

Ann "Unzip My Husband, America" Romney: Hardest Workin' Poor Mum in the Nation. (Mittens is running for President so they can't have illegals do it...duh!)

Tinsley has built (what passes for) a career of attempting to "try people in the media" so this is hilarious.

And if anyone's been "tried by the media" here, it's the dead kid who was minding his own damn business but nonetheless "asked for it" by wearing a hoodie, standing HIS ground, or just being black--depending on which right-wing racist is on TV trying to justify Zimmerman's crime. Creeps like John Derbyshire have jumped so far off the deep end in their attempts to dust off the Bell Curve that even NRO is saying, "whoa, now THAT'S racist."

"Hate is good sometimes" has become the latest burgeoning mantra of the right wing. Tinsley would love to join in, but (a) he's devoted so much time and (pretend) effort into convincing us he's not racist and besides racism is dead unless we're talking about the Left, and (b) he's a coward.

But the real test is the involvement of Al Sharpton. Was Tinsley able to resist going Full Racist? We'll see shortly.

In other news, three weeks hence Tinsley will use WFDR employee Mallard to complain about a liberal working inside FOXNoise, and he will do it without a hint of self-awareness.

Frank Stone said...

Theeeeere it is.

You know, Mallard/Brucie, if anyone is responsible for your new hero George Zimmerman being "tried by the media", it's your precious law-and-order types in Florida, who let Zimmerman walk free after committing his murder (yes, Mallard/Brucie, you're defending a murderer*) and who let him continue walking free for more than a month,** thus garnering the case a degree of national attention it would not have received otherwise.

And by the way: If anyone would know about trial-by-media, it would be your old heroes at Fox News, who did their best to paint Trayvon Martin as a juvenile delinquent and possible gangster so that the ignorant, hateful bigots (like you) who make up their audience would be able to delude themselves into thinking that he somehow deserved to be killed, and so his death by shooting was something inevitable rather than an entirely avoidable tragedy.

*This is the part where you whine, "Well, let's not jump to any concluuusions! We don't have all the facts yet!" Uh-huh. And, of course, you'd say exactly the same thing if Zimmerman were black. Right?

**And this is the part where you whine, "But he wasn't free! He couldn't show his face in public because he was being tried by the meeedia!" Yeah, still not the same thing as cooling his heels in a jail cell.

DiR said...

The key part of today's strip is that the newspaper is blank.
This strongly implies that this strip has been sitting on a shelf for weeks now, waiting for some big trial story to happen. Bruce forgot to add a headline.

rewinn said...

I think what really p.o.'d most of us is that the killing of Treyvon wasn't treated as a possible crime.

Whether Zimmerman is guilty or not will now be decided by a jury, as it should be. There are dozens of killings every day in America, and most of them are treated as a crime. When the Government refuses to treat the shooting down of an unarmed kid as a crime, how are we SUPPOSED to react?

Maybe Zimmerman will walk, maybe he won't, but at least his victim will have justice.

Rootbeer said...

Is it "double jeopardy"? No. No it is not.

If you have any doubts, please ask Shirley Sherrod about it.