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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That damned Thingie

What's Mallard raving about today?

College Students, College Professors, ACA

Wow, we're attacking Professors, those elite eggheads you always rail against, for being ignorant?

And it's a proud member of the anti-science, anti-fact, anti-education political party making this accusation?



MissD said...

Oh the irony! It's apparent that Tinsley hates college professors because they DO understand what the constitution is.

Anonymous said...

He seems to know absolutely nothing about the topic, and there isn't even an asterisk with these imaginary figures. I'd bet that the majority of professors in science and engineering know more about the constitution than Tinsley.
By the way, does anyone know if he flunked out of college? Or failed the admission tests?

dlauthor said...

Supposedly he graduated. With a degree in journalism, no less. That's right, he's one of us dirty hippies with j-school degrees, no doubt another bit of cognitive dissonance that no amount of Kentucky moonshine can ever quell.

I can just imagine what fun it was to have him as a student. Or classmate. Or frat brother. Or, frankly, anywhere within earshot. I imagine they gave him the degree just to get him the fuck out.

Frank Stone said...

Let me try to interpret the seemingly random visuals in today's strip:

Mallard is sitting in a coffee shop reading his news copy to an imaginary TV camera. The woman sitting next to him, trying to read her morning paper, is wondering what the hell he's doing. Mallard then suffers a brain aneurysm.

Tog said...

Tinsley wouldn't burn the Constitution himself, but he'd be willingly to ignore it while fellow Republicans did so.

dlauthor said...

Tog: Tinshley would only not burn it because he's deathly afraid of fire, on account of the ethanol fumes.

Steve-O said...

Hey Tinsley, guess what, you're an idiot just like the rest of the racist Teabaggers.

And, as usual, so timely!

Founding fathers were for the healthcare mandate

Bill the Splut said...

So 69% of the students are Undecided? Or do they know that the unconstitutional part is the part Republicans jammed into the bill in order to make it unconstitutional? I'm sure 100% of people named Bruce Tinsley don't know that. Or pretend not to.

WV: themsysi inguesta, what comes out of Bruce's piehole when he tries to say "Those sissy intelligentsia!" from the floor.

DiR said...

Is there a DSM IV entry for "unable to orgasm without being wrong / lying"?
Cause Bruce has it.

ajm said...

"That's right, he's one of us dirty hippies with j-school degrees"

Sarah Palin also has a J-school degree. She wanted to work in the lamestream media, once upon a time.

CW in LA said...

Sometimes it's a journalism degree that's attributed to Princess Sarah, and sometimes it's communications. The latter is especially hilarious given her abject hopelessness at communicating any idea that won't fit comfortably on a bumper sticker.

However, the blog palingates ( spells out in detail how it is at best highly questionably that she really has any degree at all. Given that she's been known to make snotty remarks about the president's birth certificate, I don't think it's asking too much at all for Dumbelina to show her college diploma, if in fact she has one.

rewinn said...

This badly-written "comic" is the result of a journalism degree?

No wonder Tinshley hates the liberal arts! Four years of tuition for this!

Rootbeer said...

Who is that woman? What is she doing? Is she saying that middle part, or is he? Where is this new polling data from? What about the other 69% of students? Why wouldn't a professor know what the Constitution is, and why would they all use the word "thingie"? With that particular spelling?


David in NYC said...

@ajm --

When Caribou Barbie was in the business, "lamestream" was actually an accurate description.