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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Those damned Nuts

What's Mallard raving about today?

China, North Korea

Mallard Fillmore attempts to comment on Foreign Policy, with predictable results.


DiR said...

holy mother of our sacred fuck, that ACTUALLY looks like Kim Jong Un. The eyes are either too squinty, or closed, which is either racist, or lazy; but this is MF, so I don't see why it can't be both.

Sooo, He's asserting that DPRK is simply a puppet state, controlled directly by PRC.
I assume his logic behind this goes something along the lines of, "they're both Asian. I don't like either one of them. therefore, they MUST be working together! QED! Miller time!"
DPRK and PRC, while hardly direct adversaries, and not the best of friends. DPRK is a huge destabilizing element in the region, and a major reason for continued the strong US presence in Japan, RoK, Australia, and other SE Asian countries.
PRC has very little need for a puppet state, and continued support for DPRK is probably the cheapest solution to a problem no one wants to deal with. Everyone loses if DPRK collapses and starts a war; instead of spending a few $mn a year in aid, now you have to spend $bn in a war, with the best-case scenario being a return to the status-quo of a divided flash-point Korean peninsula.

This isn't really related to anything, but I thought it was interesting.

Rootbeer said...

Not sure if that's guy's supposed to be Hu Jintao, Stephen Colbert, or Dick Clark (RIP bro).

Tog said...

You know the drill. Replace China with Bush the Elder and Kim with our good ally Saddam Hussein, and you have American foreign policy before the Stoopit Liburul Meedeea got their cameras into Kuwait.

Goodness, I really expected more whining about how The Liburul Meedeea is intolerant of White Racism! Maybe a strip got rejected by his Stoopit Liburul editor and he had to hash this out? I'd love to see the one that got shot down, wouldn't you?

I hope Tins didn't prematurely ejaculate his beloved "dog-eating" punchline on the Chinese in upcoming strips! The always-classy yip-yip-fart-farts of the GOP honestly think what a six-year-old was served will unite the nation behind Mittens of the Silver Spoon and The Hardest-Working Mum in All of America, and I was really hoping Tinsley would chain himself to it before it stepped off the end of the pier.

CW in LA said...

Yeah, most of what I've read* indicates the Chinese government finds North Korea a pain in the butt. However, the regime's abrupt collapse would result in possibly the greatest refugee crisis in modern history. And it'll land mostly, but by no means entirely, in the laps or South Korea and China. So the Chinese prop them up while trying with dubious results to keep them on something of a leash.

I'm sure they don't mind at all that the DPRK is also annoying to South Korea, Japan, the US, and Russia. But their main concern is whether something would be good for business or not. If the Tinsh would spent ten minutes of his 80-90 research hours a week on non-liquid and non-Murdochian sources, he'd know this. The Ass-brain.

(*Some web sites. Thanks for the documentation tip, Brews!)

Kip W said...

DiR, your nuanced, informed view is several levels above the target audience. Bruce just blew all their minds with the suggestion here that China and North Korea area actually two different countries. That's strong stuff for people who think the best response to murders by Saudis is to go find someone from India and mess up their house.

rewinn said...

Y'all don't understand.

It's Obama's Fault that NK is the PRC's puppet. Obama let NK get nuclear weapons sometime around 2003! Having nuclear weapons increases NK's dependence on China! China really likes having a pack of angry nutcases with nuclear weapons on its border! China likes it so much that it didn't give NK an ICBM but made NK build its own (... on the "teach a dictator to fish" model ...) which was supposed to have us all in terror about now.

If only NK's rocket test hadn't failed (as usual) Tinshley would be congratulating himself on having a timely "comic".