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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

That damned Tank

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Gas Prices

Remember when gas prices spiked during the Bush Presidency. And remember how Mallard blamed Bush for that? Yeah?

Me neither.


Bill the Splut said...

Hey, Brooze, pro tip: When your horrible scribble is supposed to be talking, its mouth should be open, and the word balloon shouldn't point to its collarbone.

Maybe you also might not want to draw a black man as weighing 52 pounds, 10 pounds of which is in his lips. Just a thought. You know, a "thought"? That's a thing most people's brains make. And they aren't always "Where'd I leave my Jack Daniels bottle?"

Anonymous said...

1. As DaveyK mentions, I remember paying $4.75 a gallon when Bush was presedent.
2. Then and now, speculators (i.e. Wall Street people) and oil companies have a role.
3. Can the President really control global oil prices, including in China, that easily?
4. Do you want the U.S. to kiss Iran's * ? That would lower prices.

Kip W said...

He's not copying his standard caricature of Obama very well lately. I'm thinking it may have blown under the table, and that he picked another drawing as his template. It also looks like he kept every twitch and superfluous line (like, what's all the construction around the mouth for?).

No revelations: He's not a very good cartoonist.

rewinn said...

Is Mallard Fillmore criticizing oil speculators now?

Why does he hate capitalism?!?!?!?

Frank Stone said...

zzzzz... uh -- wha? Somebody telling a joke? No? OK... zzzzzz...

DiR said...

Bruce thins gas costs $1000/gl.

Okay then.

Tog said...

Volt's back in production, Tinsley.
..Because of high demand.
Now crap your pants and loudly proclaim the successful emasculation of the once-proud White American. That's a GOOD doggie.

Steve-O said...

Ok, someone has GOT to dig up a Mallard Fillmore from 2008 that is OUTRAGED at the LIEBERAL media for blaming the president for gas prices.

(Also, if I thought Bruce Tinsley was a good cartoonist I would call that caricature racist. Knowing how bad he is, I'll just go with shitty drawing.)