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Thursday, April 05, 2012

That damned Bulb

What's Mallard raving about today?

Incandescent Bulbs, Gasoline

Good luck with that, since incandescent bulbs are still legal.

When did becoming 100% ignorant, wrong about everything, become a badge of honor?


Andrew said...

See, Tinsley relies on the Republican maxim- "Tell a lie, someone will believe it." It's a distillation of the old "Big Lie" principle. But , instead of making the lie big, just say whatever you want. As long as you say it before anyone can contradict you, someone's always going to believe you were telling the truth.

It's like Santorum saying that he read that California State universities don't teach American history- even though all of them do(except the UCSF Medical School), and there have been a lot of reports on that fact, within 2 weeks, the idea that history isn't being taught will be "true" to some people.

Steve-O said...

What in God's name does Bruce Tinsley have against fluorescent lighting and hybrid cars? This has got to be the most ridiculous right-wing meme of all time. ANYTHING THAT'S GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT IS BAD BAD BAD!!!! WHAHHHH! WE MAY NOT GET TO DO EXACTLY WHAT WE FUCKING WANT TO!!! WHAHAAAA!

Someone get these idiots a case of pacifiers.

Bill the Splut said...

This guy is complaining about the cost of anything when he gets paid to do nothing? There isn't a real comics artist in the world who would get paid a living wage for passing these turds. Wal-Mart Greeters do more actual work in 5 minutes than this knob-polisher does in a year.

DiR said...

That's cute, Bruce thinks anyone other then himself gives a fuck about lightbulbs.

@Steve-O, they take a few seconds to reach full brightness.
No, no really. That's his complaint.

Tog said...

@Steve-O: You gotta remember, these are the same shit-for-brains who recently practiced "Human Achievement Hour*", a deliberate waste of energy to offset "Earth Hour."

Seriously. Google it, but for your own mind's sake stay in the boat.

I used to joke about Tinsley running a Hummer in his garage all night and pouring oil down the storm drain "just to piss off the hippies," but it's apparently a reality now. There is absolutely no bottom to the pit of stupidity that is a neocon.

*Also known as "HAH" ("Get it?!? Hurf hurf durf! I'm also blowing second-hand smoke in my child's face! Just to spite you! IDIOT!")

@DiR: He also cries about mercury and toxins--which will be about the ONLY time you'll hear any such concerns from him on that subject.

Madpuppy said...


The lightbulbs take a few seconds to reach full brightness.

In his 53 years, Tinsley still hasn't achieved full brightness

Kip W said...

I think Tinsley reached full brightness early on. Peaked and started sliding slowly down the pole. Thank god for wingnut welfare and the soft bigotry of low expectations, eh Tin Eye?

Frank Stone said...

Welcome back to Unintentional Self-Revelation Time with Mallard Fillmore:

Mallard is announcing here his willingness to commit a crime in order to get gas money. (It wouldn't actually be a crime since, as noted, incandescent bulbs are not illegal, but let's humor him.)

This means that Mallard would rather risk the possibility of spending time in jail than do what most people do when they can't or don't drive -- i.e., take the bus. Because the thought of being around people who take the bus is more horrifying to Mallard than the prospect of imprisonment.