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Saturday, April 14, 2012

That damned Economy

What's Mallard raving about today?

Taxes, The Economy

First, anyone who draws any money at all for producing dreck like Mallard Fillmore should not complain about taxes or the economy.

Second, Mallard if you want to join the cohort that (and let's be clear about this) owes no taxes on 15 April, be my guest. Because those folks are scraping by at best.


Tog said...

You mean the economy that's been steadily improving since the Cheney Misadministration left office? That economy?

The one for which Republicans have had to switch over to complaining isn't improving fast enough? That one? Shithead?

Still, nice try attempting to conflate the "pays no Federal Income Tax" bit with that old (and completely false) "half the nation pays NO taxes at ALL (and you KNOW who we're talking about)" bugaboo.

You will be remembered as Loyal Party Member for your service to your party in the war against America, Agent Tinsley!

ianmorris said...

look at it this way, the duck said "federal income tax" and not just taxes, that counts as an improvement.

Frank Stone said...

Gosh, Mallard -- I hope you didn't suffer a crippling allergy attack on account of all the dust you had to shake out of that particular right-wing talking point.

Or, to be less polite about it: Fuck you, Mallard. Fuck you with a rusty railroad spike.

Bill the Splut said...

Why are you worried, Bruce? Is the Reverend Moon running out of loose change for his pet projects?

DiR said...

Mallard would rather greatly decrease his gross income then pay taxes. Okay.
You know, people who receive everything back still have to *file* their taxes, yes?

Steve-O said...

Would I be wasting my time by pointing out to Tinsley that nearly half of that 48% are elderly people living off Social Security? Yes?

That leaves about 24% of struggling poor families many of whom have lingering health problems that they can't afford. But the Republicans don't want to do anything about the healthcare crisis in this country either. They just want to sit around and bitch about the lazy n'er-do-wells sucking off the government teat. Damn I hate Republicans.

rewinn said...

I'd be happy to pay more taxes, cuz that'd mean I'm making more money.

I think the 48% would LOVE to be making enough money to have to pay taxes. Let's put the minimum wage back to what it was, adjusted for inflation, during the boom years of our economy, and we'll see more people paying taxes ... because the working poor will have more money to spend!

Rootbeer said...


Poverty is THE COOLEST!