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Sunday, April 29, 2012

That damned Calculation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Dancing with the Stars

It will surprise no one that Mallard's protagonist shares with Mallard a complete lack of understanding of Math, seeing as his calculation is wildly incorrect.


DiR said...

I realize that this is an exercise is futile repetition, but:

rewinn said...

So this is what it is to be a "celebrated and contentious conservative" ...

... mocking Governor Jon Huntsman, a man who is more conservative than Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and less criminal than either.

No wonder the 1% need billion$ to sell their message!

Rootbeer said...

Why are there rails on either side of the TV?

I'd propose that these dumpy old people that Tinsley has made the centerpiece of his product are keeping their television set on top of an old rusted-out drink cart from the 1960's, but that would require the artist to imagine a drink cart to be used for something other than storing whiskey bottles.

Steve-O said...

The greatest reality TV show of all time was the 2012 GOP primary.

Thirty years from now we will be able to say where we were when Rick Perry couldn't remember a list of three things.

Tog said...

So does that mean we can expect to see Bruce Tinsley vomiting and collapsing onstage sometime in 2017?

I must confess Tinsley has surprised me. I fully expected him to go Full Grand Wizard by now over Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's involvement in the public outcry over the murder of Trayvon Martin. Instead, he's becoming a flavorless puree of Pluggers and Crankshaft, bitching incessantly about television. Did some Stoopit Liburul Editor put the brakes on him? Did Tinsley have an epiphany? Has the moon turned to blood? Are these truly the End Times?!?

OT: TBogg has this thing you have to read to believe. Dear Tinsley, Goldberg, Coulter, etc.: Any of you wanna try and tell us this walking tapeworm is a liberal?

Kip W said...

My, he sure can draw fast, can't he?

There. That's my nice thing for the day.