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Thursday, August 09, 2007

That damned China-Free Section

What's Mallard raving about today?


One sign would have done the trick, there, Mallard. Three signs doesn't make the point any stronger; it just makes you look like a crank.

Oh, wait a second...


GeoX said...

I agree that the Chinese government sucks--but the fact that Tinsley is also, among other things, a Reagan worshiper--El Salvador, anyone?--means that this is basically NONSENSE BULLSHIT POSTURING on his part. He cares about human rights violations when it's politically expedient, period.

(I don't mention Iraq because, weirdly enough, I can't actually remember him ever saying anything about it, but assuming he's a dead-ender in that regard too, we can chalk up another bit of hypocrisy)

Truce Binsley said...

Tinshley on Iraq:

BillyWitchDoctor said...

But Geox...those guys were freedom fighters! They only tortured and murdered in order to spread freedom and democracy!

I wonder if Tinny's ever done anything on Nelson Mandela. Would Tinny describe him as a "champion of freedom" or "convicted terrorist?" (Aw, who am I kidding? He'd go after him through his ex-wife.)

Truce: I guess those would be the weapons inspectors King George ordered out of Iraq so he could start shockin' and awein'. They tried to stop him, but he stood firm and showed true leadership, and look at the beautiful results! They're free now! Hooray!

Excellent posts, both. I'm wondering why Tinny's agitating against China right now when any good neocon bootlick knows it's Iran and Syria that are the next high-profit venues for the military-industrial complex...

Kaitlyn said...

I thought "china free" referred to food without the plate and doll material, which would be pretty healthy.

Of course, I didn't think that for a long time - when is he going to do an offensive Chinese caricature?

Another thing - I was pissed off about China last August, the 2nd, because I read in the paper that pet dogs had been killed because of rabies outbreaks in another part of the country. The amount killed, if it was official government agents doing it (probably), and where it happened have all left my memory.

What I do know is that whoever did it did it at night, and made a lot of noise around backyards and killed every dog that barked at them.

My sister couldn't understand why that bothered me so damn much.

And MAD said something about China getting the Olympics in 2001 - the January 02 issue had the 20 dumbest things of '01, and one was them getting the Olympics - they used the Tiananmen Square picture.

Scanman said...

Reagan was one the main reasons we are tools of China. It was in his term that a communist stronghold like China was able to undermine our economy.

They took advantage of our rapidly growing debt by buying our bonds with interest. They used their cheap labor to destroy our factory based economy, and Reagan and his worshippers allowed this to happen.

I guess they were hung up on destroying our labor unions they didn't care what country was making cheap products to undermine them,

China was worse with their people back then, but no one batted an eye despite the fact they were COMMUNISTS.

ianrey said...

Food products are far from the only thing we purchase from China. I remember when Wal-Mart had a "Made in the USA" sticker they would prominently feature on products, but they abandoned that pretty quickly. Wal-Mart is the epitome of conservatism: non-union, monopolistic, cut benefits to maximize profits; if they had a "Not Made in China" section, it would take up about 30 square feet of a 30,000 square foot store.

Kaitlyn said...

Can't believe it took me that long to notice - shouldn't the title say 'that' instead of 'than'?

Made in the USA labels can be misleading - I read an article about one of our Pacific protectorates/territories/whatever, that are legally US soil, but the people that live there aren't citizens.

And in one place, they get Chinese women looking ofr a better life, and they work in sweatshops with deplorable conidtions - but it's 'made in the usa'

Anyone remember this? I think it had to do with some family values moral republican congressman...

DaveyK said...

Yikes. The title is fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.