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Thursday, August 02, 2007

That damned racist

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reverend Jesse Jackson, Racism, Barry Bonds.

I can't be bothered to parse this lunacy, but apparently some pent-up anger regarding Reverend Jackson has erupted in one, long-winded, barely-understandable, catch-all rant.

I hope Mallard feels better now that he's got that off his chest. Otherwise he may continue this rant again tomorrow.


Mysterio said...

You know, for a guy who sneers at TV news, popular entertainment, sports, etc. Mallard spends an awful lot of time plopped in front of the boob tube eating junky snacks.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Once again (incorrectly) anticipating the reaction* to his Barry Bonds swipe, Tinpot Tinny tries to convince everyone he's not racist by depicting a racist calling him a racist.

And of course, that racist is black. (Because you'll never find a racist WHITE Reverend, right? ...Just like you'll never find a white athlete who juices.)

Methinks he doth protest waaaay too much.

*Tinny used to make up letters from fictional readers that somehow managed to react to the prior strip in spite of the two-week lag, which he treated as real. (This is called lying. But it's only wrong when Clinton does it.) Naturally, these letters were "written" by easily-shot-down strawmen who were "outraged" by Tinny's latest speaking of "truth to power." Isn't it sad when you have to make up your own audience--and it hates you?

Scanman said...

talk about straw men! it's racist to root against a man who may break a black man's record?

Scanman said...

...although tinsley finally got his act together timing wise in regards to current events.

jeremiah said...

I had to read it a few times to realize that the words on the upper right were being delivered by Jesse Jackson. For a second, I thought he was just out-and-out calling Jesse Jackson a racist. Which, you know, he's implying, but to just drop it right there, yikes.

dlauthor said...

Did Jesse Jackson play the race card in his defense of Barry Bonds, and I just missed it? I'm not so naive as to think race isn't a factor in the good Reverend speaking out, but as I understand it his defense has been more reasoned, focusing on the hypocrisy of singling out Bonds as opposed to older players who cheated in various ways (viz. Gaylord Perry). I never actually saw him call anybody racist, though I may have missed it.

So is this just Tinshley dusting off one of the few caricatures he can still do halfway-competently, and constructing a straw-man argument to make himself feel better, possibly after his seventh or eighth beer?

Do I really need to ask?

tBone said...


I agree. The first words that jumped out at me were "THE REVEREND JESSE JACKSON IS RACIST." I honestly think Tinsley built the entire strip around that block of text so it would stand out most, but he did it in such a way that he could pretend to have a plot and punchline.

Erich said...

Just be glad he didn't have Rev. Jackson saying "Hey-hey, ho-ho, (fill-in-the-blank) has got to go." As I recall, that was his standard dialogue nearly every time Jesse Jackson showed up in past strips.

Brian said...

Jessee Jackson did defend Barry Bonds, but he didn't mention race at all. Apparently innocent till proven guilty is the new race card.

exanonymous said...

Wait, is there something wrong with the way Jesse Jackson pronounces "issue"?

If you're nitpicking someone's pronunciation and you find something that bugs you so much you have to mention it in your daily work, you're the one with the issue. Pun intended but lame.

So I'll nitpick. Since pronouncing issue like ish-shuh to myself doesn't work, I must assume he's nitpicking the "sh" vs "s" pronunciation. But "sh" is American and "s" is British. So um... what's the problem? He should be British?

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Jeremiah, TBone: Oh God, you guys have spotted a new dirty-trick technique for Tinny--one so vile it defies measurement. Thank you for nailing that. TBone, you're absolutely right; there's no way in hell that was accidental.

Who'da thunk Tinny could even GRASP the concept of subliminals?

Thanks also to Brian; Tinny neglected to "source" this week's tirade, and I never saw the Jackson story, so I was wondering if Tinny was pulling the entire thing out of his bikesore ass.

Erich said...

exanonymous: I think his beef is that the Reverend pronounces it "ish-shuh" instead of "ish-shoo." (Can't say I've ever noticed Jackson's pronunciation mystelf...)