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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

That damned mud

What's Mallard raving about today?

Campaign season, mud-slinging.

Good God! Mallard's "hair" has gone white and his chair has turned into an amorphous blob. How long before we see a Mallard panel decrying the shoddy workmanship of Chinese colorists?


BillyWitchDoctor said...

At least this confirms that Mallard is a huge fan of the worst aspects of political campaigning as he prepares to masturbate furiously to the dirty tricks, big lies, and bitter character assassination his favorite politicians have gleefully made the norm over the past several years...

Duck, you live in a country that now condemns war heroes as cowards and traitors, and celebrates cowards and traitors as war heroes--depending on their political affiliations. If you were half the patriot you fancy yourself to be, you'd be raving about that every day.

Side note: these past few weeks of Get Fuzzy (in which Bucky goes completely FOX News on everyone) and the past couple of days of Candorville have been pure gold. Now THAT's funny political satire!

On the right side of the aisle, Day By Day is horrifically pathetic. Check THIS out (not a direct link):

Captain Slack said...

"On the right side of the aisle, Day By Day is horrifically pathetic."

In other news, fire is hot and Racer X is secretly Speed's older brother. 8-)

Kaitlyn said...

Yeah, I cut out Monday's Get Fuzzy.

I bought 4 or 5 Get Fuzzy books at Goodwill around the time it showed up in our paper. Then I discovered I loved it!

As for Mallard, yeah, he hates mud-slinging. He's forced to do it because he hates it so much.

Yesterday he insulted, albeit in his typical ducked-up way, two leading democratic candidates.

And now he's decrying mudslinging?

That's the impression I got from the strip - he's sad that our political process has been reduced to this, though in reality he's only sad when republicans he likes get attacked.

Demoncrats aren't human - I mean, they possessed Satchel!

Kaitlyn said...

The colorist isn't to blame for the blob he's sitting in/on or his head.

It's messed up in the black and white version I have.

No, this rests with the artist.

Or the duck's in a beanbag chair, but those are for immature children and college students.

So, he could be in a beanbag chair, or Tinshley could be a bad artist.

Your pick.

As for the "hair"... no excuse, just a bad artist.

Scanman said...

The beanbag is there so that we can get the inner most thoughts of Mallard's left foot

Kaitlyn said...

makes sense coming from his left foot - his liberal one, if you will.

And because it's a foot's thought, we can excuse the lateness of said thought.

The mud never stops.