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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Those damned denominators

What's Mallard raving about today?


I'm not sure I'd bring up the topic of lowest common denominator work, my glass-house-dwelling waterfowl friend.


Michael said...

Apparently, teachers today also have an overactive pituitary gland.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Teachers have unions. That makes them socialists, and subhuman. The end. This has been another chapter of Tinny's World.

Okay, Tinny may be stuck on this subject, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna repeat myself endlessly.

Watch for it in two weeks: Mallard will interrupt a string of strips about Michael Vick or China to chastise all the liberals celebrating the resignation of Alberto Gonzales as racists who wouldn't stand for a Hispanic-American in high office. (Yes, Tinny, ya got us; THAT's why we wanted him gone.)

Behind the scenes: the strip will initially be rejected because Tinny reflexively uses "Mexican" instead. (And I believe I'm being VERY gracious in the choice of words there.)

exanonymous said...

HAHA! All teachers SUCK! You are so right Tinsley!!

Does anyone actually think that when they read Mallard Fillmore? It would explain a lot, starting with the utter contempt these days towards educated people by the portion of the older generation that didn't excel, aimed at teachers and professors and the like. Guess what Tinsley, they really do know more than you! There is no shame in ignorance, only in stupidity.

mtmluqu said...


12xuser said...

Tinsley's old teacher is totally ripped off from Buck Brown's horny "Granny" character from Playboy magazine. I wonder if Tinsley knows that Buck Brown just died recently, and that Brown's work beyond "Granny" was filled with incisive political humor and thoughtful commentary about race relations. Seeing that character in the context of this stupid, one-dimensional strip is possibly the ultimate anti-homage. He should be ashamed.

Scanman said...

I can't help but realize that the worst teachers I had growing up were old women who stopped caring about teaching kids and were just building up towards tenure. I learned almost nothing from them. It was the younger teachers who still had a passion to teach that inspired my best work.

One thing he fails top point out.


Then: were enthusiastically supported with taxes from the local citizens regardless if they had kids in the school

Now: Everyone wants their tax breaks! Screw The kids and their text messaging, I spend enough money on their soccer lessons!

dlauthor said...

And so Old Man Tinshley, reeking of cheap gin, leans out the front window in his boxers, shakes his cane in his palsied hand, and demands once more that You Damn Kids Get Off My Lawn.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I'm confused, Tinsley hates "elites," yet he now also doesn't like "lowest common denominators" either?

Damn evil schoolteachers, it's their fault that there are dumb people. And also elites. And also China. And Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not for me. My best teachers were the old hands; the experienced, grizzled veterans who knew how to deal with *any* kid, any situation. They were great teachers besides. One of them even won Teacher of the Year, on more than one occassion I think.
Most of the new, young teachers I had, especially in high school, were among the worst of all.

Kaitlyn said...

The last anonymous - why were the new teachers the worst?

My senior year, the teachers I didn't like were both old and new to the game, but I didn't like the 2 older ones more. However, one of my favorites had been there forever! And my other favorites hadn't!

When it comes to education, there are very few absolutes. (Outside the subjects that deal with absolutes - 2+2 is 4, no matter how much Tinz drinks.)