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Friday, August 17, 2007

Those damned girls

What's Mallard raving about today?

School, Girls.

And, suddenly, we have a psychological frame of reference for understanding Mallard's intense hatred of Hillary educated girl.


Truce Binsley said...

Every now and then Tinshley gives us a strip which I find entirely incomprehensible. This is one of them.

Kaitlyn said...

He's prehistoric - women not only don't belong in the White House outside of being First Lady, they should only endure school - staring ahead and thinking of England?

There have only been happy, nerdy girls in recent years. The fact that I was born in '88 is evidence of this - my generation has the first girls who liked schools, and we've spread our evil to the little ones now.

Or he's got some pointless attack on some strawman coming up, and this will make Tinny sense in a month or so.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

skule iz dum and i hait it

Well, that explains a lot about Tinny and his values. He must have one of those faith-based educations.

12xuser said...

Yes, there are a few wierdos who look forward to going back to school after summer vacation, but this "girls like school" idea is just made up.

I assume that the Back to School ads started coming out about two weeks ago, so Tinsley believes it's time to do a week or so attacking public education.

Kaitlyn said...

2 weeks ago?

Some of them start in July!

I do like school.

And I felt stupid at the start of a new year, overwhelmed, but I always ended up liking it the next day, or when I got settled.

This is student summer sacrilege, but it is true. Summer can get a bit boring, though when you're staring down a paper the first week, suddenly sleeping til noon and watching L&O doesn't seem so bad.

Knowing that I like school, I like going back (the 27th, even as I dread it) still doesn't make this comic logical.

Today I mean. It doesn't help any of the strips, really, but especially today's.

Kaitlyn said...

Wait - I just reread this in today's paper and it makes no sense - why is it weird to be back in school?

Rush is a cool name. Too bad about the Limbaugh thing.

EddyPo said...

I think Kaitlyn is right:

... he's got some pointless attack on some strawman coming up, and this will make Tinny sense in a month or so.

This is a set up that only Tinny gets right now. Trying to guess what he's up to is an exercise in irritation.

Anonymous said...

Although I found yesterday's strip not particularly funny, and today's strip completely bizarre, if Tinsley wants to change the set-up of his comic so that it's a "slice of life" childhood comic, apparently about an Asian kid, although he doesn't look particularly Asian, I guess I'm cool with that.

Anonymous said...

Tinsley's neocon dreams have died and this is what we're left with: a half-drawn Family Circus wannabe. Some more bourbon to wash down those pasghetti and meatbulbs, Bruce?

Penh said...

I agree with Kaitlyn -- apart from the totally bizarre "OMG girls like school" thing, what struck me as strangest was the whole "it's weird to be back in school" concept. Maybe if you were a forty-year-old pizza delivery boy who was forced back into fifth grade in a wacky series of comical misadventures, but when you're a kid, going back to school in the fall is just something that happens. It's like finding it weird that you're having a birthday party this year, when you already had one last year.

exanonymous said...

Did girls not like school before and boys did?

In fact, the recorded trend of the two genders in the schools was that a) girls pay better attention and b) girls are more likely to complete homework and c) girls get better grades. What is weird is society seems to have this massive short circuit in logic that has it being continuously treated like a fluke.

I'm not about to start a boys are stupid girls are smart thing, but it always seemed such a pity that women have always managed to match men in acedemics and it's still considered shocking.

As evidenced by Bruce Tinsley.

Just because the baby route was chosen before our times doesn't make any of those women any less capable of learning brain surgery or rocket science.