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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

That damned A.C.

What's Mallard raving about today?

Schools, air conditioning, going green.

Rush is back, but that's about all that makes sense.

Our schools standards are too low, however the school year starts too early?

But see the early start is only bad because it uses air conditioning, and that's not environmentally sound.

Only, Mallard doesn't buy into this "going green" bunk.

At which point nothing makes sense...until you remind yourself that Mallard views school as a liberal indoctrination plot. So the whole thing is highly ironic, see?


Kaitlyn said...

No, it's highly stupid.

And if you go back in September, you get out in June. Either way, you're using AC.

And if you're in Memphis, you can go back in September, get out in April, and please please please the AC gods, let there be cold air.

So what-the-fuck-ever.

I want to be as environmentally friendly as I can, but don't you deny me my AC.

I went back to school this week, a week before September. My sister (and the 2 public systems in the area) went back the 13th. We've been in a killer heat wave for most of the month.

I'm telling you, we'll need AC until October.

My dorm is old, and my room is cold, but too many rooms on my floor (more than 1 or 2) have no AC. I'll shiver, thanks.

The Tinz doesn't live too far north, nor does Mallard - DC may get more snow than Memphis, but they're still sweltering now, and probably will be well into September.

exanonymous said...

Using air conditioning is bad for the enviroment.
Global warming makes days on average warmer longer into the year.
Which means air conditioning is used more.
I couldn't google the undeniable proof that global warming was bunk, even following the directions of the very guy who made this comic.
Tinsley's really a liberal who's a huge activist for global warming and this is how he gets his ironic kicks.
The comics make a lot more sense if you imagine them written as a liberal pretending to be a conservative.

BillyWitchDoctor said...


Why? Because his Daddy is Green? Oh, wait, that can't be it. Because Daddy is a neglectful or abusive creep? No... Because Daddy is kept destitute by racist liberal hippies? There we go, that's a little more up Tinny's alley.

This is so effing stupid. It's been a supreme short-bus week for Tinny. The only way he can pull it out now is to announce loudly to Mallard, "I R BROOCE TINSLYE, AND I R A PRODUCK OF PUBIC EDGYCAYSHUN. AND I CANT GIT MY FIST OUT UV MY NOZ. HLEP." That would utterly destroy public education.

Instead, he'll probably launch into a series of Public Service Announcements titled, "School: Why Bother, Kids? The Evil Sun Is Going To Kill Us All Anyway And There's Not One Damn Thing We Can Do About It."

hmmiild said...

Well apart from the fact that it doesn't make sense, was anyone else hoping on looking at the post title that this comic would be about the band A.C.?

Kaitlyn said...

hmmiild - No, but that's because I've never heard of them.

But that would be like him - there's a joke about the oh-so liberal band Rush in Rush's biography. (Speaking of Rush, is there anyone else remotely famous named Rush? Fictional characters count as well, because the only other "Rush" I know of is an episode of the X-files. Besides Limbaugh, the band, the kid.)

Marissa said...

We didn't have AC at my public schools (5 - 15 years ago). We had those huge box fans and sweated through September. I imagine most kids in public schools don't have AC.

dlauthor said...

Is Rush talking out loud? Thinking? Does he have surroundings, or is the void surrounding him literal? Why would the evil education system shell out for AC when it's more fun to make kids swelter while failing to teach them science (which is bad, although not teaching them about evolution is probably good)?

Can someone please introduce a strip with some modicum of wit to "balance" Doonesbury, so Tinshley can go on to a more suitable career involving a shopping cart full of cans?

James G said...

Also, when did school change its start time? When I was in school, which was from 1978-1991, we always started in mid-August. Where I live now (in a different part of the country to be sure), they don't start after Labor Day.

Kaitlyn's point is also correct, in that we got out about June 1 and the kids here don't get out until late June, and you can bet air conditioning is used then as well.

dlauthor said...

Parts of the country with heavy agricultural background (like Indiana, which is really all that exists in Tinshley's blurry world) tend to start school earlier (August) than other places like eeeevil Massachusetts (which starts in September, at least mostly -- I'm sure there are areas in both that are exceptions). This is so little Rush can help at the family farm come springtime, rather than getting corrupted by his teachers.

I think Indiana is considering switching to September, now that big agribusiness does most of the planting and such. I'm sure Tinz will take that as another sign of the corrupting influence of libruls if it happens.

HyperOnion said...

I find it odd Tinsley left out WHY schools are starting earlier--so they have more time before the date set for standardized testing. This is another method a lot of schools are using to try to get through NCLB.

But of course, Tinsley is an advocate of NCLB, so... maybe it isn't so odd he completely leaves out the cause of this.

Jordan said...

Hello, I am a High School Student, here to add my professional opinion!

For me, school starts at the end of August and gets out near the end of June. Which Sucks.

Last year the school's budget was frozen, so to keep costs down, they actually lowered the temperature a few degrees. In the middle of winter in New Hampshire, that sucks.

In summer we have no AC at all... except in the media room, oddly enough. But they have AC year long, making winter unbearable.

We basically sit around and sweat.

We got a new school building up here, and it was supposed to fix some of the problems they used to have.

BUT-- the school district had to go with the lowest bidder, and the town didn't want no stinking taxes!

-One hallway is constantly several degrees hotter than anywhere else in the building.
-There are several vents that spew out hot air only in the Summer and cold air in Winter.
-The AC unit broke and flooded the room below.
-The room below was the Nurse's Office.

So, is Tinsley to blame for all this? No, but I feel better getting off my chest.