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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Those damned Liberals

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberals, Education, Hunting and Gathering.

You have to respect Mallard's "The Early Years" work.

It's the ultimate in Straw Man efficiency while maintaining his standards for intellectual laziness.


GeoX said...

Maybe it's just 'cause I'm a little drunk right now, but I feel as though this comic actually sorta kinda works. If you've ever taken a course in pedagogic theory, you'll know that it's very easy to get wrapped up in the theory of teaching and sort of lose track of the actual practice.

Mind you, I'm sure this is totally accidental on Tinsley's part; I can't imagine that he knows or cares about any of this except inasmuch as it gives him an excuse for some more mindless teacher-bashing. But still! Compared to the mind-boggling awfulness of the past few days, this could be worse.

rev said...

Ha ha, teachers are worthless in a tribal society! Take that ancient society!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

God! God! God! SO ignorant, SO endlessly repetitive, SO devoid of ideas, and SO proud for it. That's my Tinny!

12xuser said...

Because civilization was created by those fearless conservatives who knew, contrary to the pussies who blathered on about "knowledge" and "education", that the future belonged to hunting and gathering.

dlauthor said...

Where's the little flower? Dammit, Tinshley, you know you're supposed to dot the "i" in "Liberals" with a pretty little sunflower. How am I supposed to know that you think we're all girly and silly if you don't provide the sixth-grade visual clues?

You're slipping, duck-man.

Kaitlyn said...

Education attracts more liberal-minded people, but there are conservative teachers.

Tinny just loathes teachers.

Who does he hate more - the Clintons or my first grade teacher?

Kaitlyn said...

Why are the liberal's eyes crossed?

Is he talking to adults or children who want to know how to hunt or gather?

And I thought societies have had teachers for a long time, so they can tell the little ones that this will kill you, this won't, while the adults are out using what they learned as children.

But I could be wrong, and all the conservatives knew exactly what to do, nobody can tell them what's edible!

Except God. And Ollie North. And Reagan. But no teachers!

exanonymous said...

Too bad many hunter-gatherer societies wouldn't actually take such a man to task anyways. Or care. They're the ultimate form of communism.

You gather, you eat. You hunt, you eat. You sit around and make arrowheads for fun and gambling, you eat. You sit around, you eat.

Granted, in lean years in the harsher climates they might leave grandma and sick siblings to die, but that's not the liberals doing that anyways if you're going to draw political group parallels.

Cedar said...

Christ, he's DONE this exact joke before, except it was a cave man being interviewed for a job and saying the same damn thing.
Does he not realized how difficult it is to teach? It's not just standing in front of a room and talking about what you know; it's about knowing how kids learn, how to engage them, and how to discipline them (yes, even generally well-behaved kids will need discipline).

Sourbelly said...

"Don't ask me about hunting and gathering. I'm a drunken cartoonist."

Michael said...

12xuser nailed it.

"Mammals are in an ice age migration, and they're talking about so-called 'crop domestication'? Are they trying to get us trampled by mastodons?!"

Captain Slack said...

Why are the liberal's eyes crossed?

Because he's a liberal. If I had a dime for every cross-eyed liberal Tinshley's drawn since 1994, I could probably afford to start a local alternative paper for the area from Chambersburg, PA (where I live), to Hagerstown, MD (where the local paper gives Mallard to a largely willing readership), and to stock it with Candorville, Minimum Security, This Modern World and Tom the Dancing Bug. (And any other strips you'd like to suggest, of course.)

Kaitlyn said...

Get Fuzzy,of course! It has talking animals - and looks a thousand times better than Mallard's "best" - if there is one.

Big Fat Whale and Slowpoke are good as well.

Scanman said...

We have photo evidence why Mallard is hostile towards teachers. Look what happened to his first grade class.

Scanman said...

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