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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Those damned toys

What's Mallard raving about today?


What I love about panels like this one, where Mallard complains about something that is not in the news, is that it reveals the fact that Mallard believes everyone shares his particular brand of dementia so far as to understand the petty annoyances of his everyday life.

It's what I imagine would happen if Mallard and Al Scaduto of They'll Do It Every Time fame switched jobs for a day. Oh yeah!


Michael said...

And the winner of the 2007 "Most Lines Read With Eyes Closed" award is...

NW said...

Good point. How come the only time that guy's eyes are open is when he's NOT reading something.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

If he were...well, normal, Tinny would be ashamed of this strip. The Bratz movie (which I assume is the basis for this nonsense, as it was released around two weeks ago) was supposedly reimagined into "wholesome" entertainment, and bombed miserably. The two-week lag bombs again.

But the Bratz dolls have been around for ages. Where was your self-righteous outrage then, fool?

Steve said...

I'm sooo happy to have found this site! I searched "Bruce Tinsley is an idiot" and found you.

dlauthor said...

But sexed-up children's toys are just an example of the Holy Free Market at work, aren't they? Shouldn't we all thank Adam Smith and Baby Jesus for them, rather than bitching about them? Isn't that the way of a good little conservative like Tinshley purports* to be?

* Coincidentally, "purport" is also the sound Tinshley makes after his seventh can of Old Milwaukee.