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Friday, August 03, 2007

That damned Reverend Jackson

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reverend Jesse Jackson, Racism.

So, in conclusion, Mallard does not like Jesse Jackson and must put straw arguments into his mouth to justify it.

Sadly, however, this panel is probably not the conclusion of this thread.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Gahhhhhhhd, Tinny. Beat that damn dead horse some more, fool.

I swear, Tinny must have a lower approval rating than King Georgie. He's just as nasty and ignorant and hateful--but his insignificance and obsessiveness make him a bore as well.

Scanman said...

I hate the fact that they always point out the fact that Jesse Jackson should get a real job. do they say the same of Jimmy Swaggart, Billy Graham, and any other evangelist?

Anonymous said...

These Jesse Jackson strips remind me of a third-rate men's magazine from the early '80s that used to run one-panel comics showing klansmen at "Radio KKK" making racist remarks. This flimsy conceit was supposed to somehow exonerate the writer for making lame racist jokes. Tinsley is doing the same thing by making Jackson speak Tinsley's racist thoughts -- he's trying to sugar-coat them by creating a little ironic distance, but it's so transparent it's ridiculous.

dlauthor said...

Sooo ... a guy who makes a living where he fails to draw things well, be funny, or write coherently on a daily basis is talking about someone else not having a "real job."

Bruce Tinshley, still on step 1: admitting he has a problem.

Penh said...

Mock him all you will, but Bruce has a pretty sweet gig here. Most cartoonists have to come up with a new strip every day, but he gets to think up one or two a week and then pad out his quota by repeating the exact same strips with a few words changed. A lesser man might have been tempted to at least have Mallard move a little in an attempt obscure the fact that this strip is absolutely identical to yesterday's, but not our Brucie! He's struck a pretty rich comedic vein here -- I look forward to the next three or four weeks of the same strip. Asking what church I'm the reverend of is racist! Calling my hair nappy is racist! Saying I should go back to Africa is racist! Putting your racist crap in the mouth of a cartoon duck is racist! I of course expect a percentage if he uses any of these ideas.

exanonymous said...

(warning: The video itself is a segment from Sesame Street. However, the comments about it can be childish, crude, and downright offensive.)

So... setting up straw men arguments against a guy who went on Sesame Street to teach children self respect? Would Mallard aka Bruce care to present evidence that he's ever worked to be this inspiring with as much success?

It also begs the question of why he's screaming at an obviously successful person to get a job. What was the Rev. doing if not working? If it's not jealousy of his real influence (as opposed to Mallard's delusional influence), than is it perhaps... racism? The idea that a black man can only be working if he's holding down a blue collar job?