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Monday, August 06, 2007

That damned Michael Vick

What's Mallard raving about today?

Michael Vick, Animal Cruelty.

Michael Vick's animal cruelty is commented on by a sly-eyed little puppy piddling on newspaper.

Thus, Mallard illustrates that years of over-blowing straw man arguments has left him without the ability to comment on a real issue.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

There are papers with Michael Vick on the front page? Really? ...OK then.

I can name three white Republican politicians who are well-known horrific animal abusers...but Bruce ("Racist? Me? Why, that's racist! You're racist!!") Tinsley waits for a black celebrity to be publicly connected to it before it becomes an issue to him. ...Let's just say I'm not surprised.

Protip to the "artist": Extra credit for effort, but dogs don't have "knees" on the front of their front legs.

Anonymous said...

That's a dog? I thought that was one of the cows tinsley likes to blame for global warming.

Michael said...

Unfortunately, this was drawn before the scandal; the dog is trained to pee on black men.

Anonymous said...

Interesting take on this. Most people are appalled at what Vick did, but you guys knock Tinsley for pointing it out, because Vick is black. So, given the level of racism in this country, black people are actually incapable of animal cruelty, just as they are incapable of racism?

BillyWitchDoctor said...

So, given the level of racism in this country, black people are actually incapable of animal cruelty, just as they are incapable of racism?

Who's saying that?

...Oh, right, YOU are. And you're the ONLY one around here saying that. That's weak-tea bullshit worthy of Tinsley himself (as illustrated by his recent Jesse Jackson strips).

I believe Vick is a creep (he hasn't had a trial yet, but I don't buy that he "didn't know" what was going on at his property). I believe Bonds is a juicer. I believe Jackson is race-obsessed, and I know Isaiah Washington is a bigot.

There's plenty of well-known public-figure animal abusers, steroid abusers, race-card abusing Reverends, and plain old bigots out there who are NOT black.

But Tinny only seems to be offended by such actions when the perpetrator IS black. (Or Liberal.)

Did I dumb it down enough for you, or do you require a crayon illustration, fool?

dlauthor said...

"Anonymous", don't you have a duck to draw badly?

exanonymous said...

Are black people incapable of cruelty?

The right answer is no more than any other human, something forgotten by someone gleefully splashing their abuses in the comics while neglecting others guilty of the same crimes.

Anonymous said...

You've got some serious anger (and logic) problems, pal! Calm down. What other equally famous person has been charged with animal abuse as horrific as that with which Vick has been charged? No one, either black or white, that I know about. It's OK to hate the duck and to abuse people who disagree with you, if you must, but chill out!