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Friday, August 10, 2007

Those damned bulbs

What's Mallard raving about today?

Going Green, "compact fluorescent" bulbs.

First, without the knowledge that Mallard doesn't believe in compact fluorescent bulbs, this panel could be mistaken for environmental advocacy.

Second, putting "compact fluorescent" in quotes implies that Mallard believes the bulbs are over-sized and not fluorescent.

Third, a light bulb does not "play" an idea. It represents having an idea.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

The comic-strip "classic:" utterly bereft of ideas, the artist suddenly gets an idea to make a strip about how he's utterly bereft of ideas.

As noted in the thread about the other compact-fluorescent strip, there are a few legitimate concerns about the bulbs. But since Tinny doesn't know a damned thing about them except "Green = stinky poo-poo liberal doody-head," he still can't go there, opting instead for the easy-out.

A funny example is found at

If you replace the angel with FOX News, "hilarious idea" with "neocon talking point," "chips" with "booze," and Bob with Mugshot Bruce, it's exactly what I imagine the Tinsley living room is like at three in the morning. Only there's more vomit.

Michael said...

Whatever that knarled thing is, it's certainly not a fluorescent light bulb. It looks more like a lower intestine, which is a fair representation of Mallard's "ideas".

Andy said...

Tinsley continues... "offend" all types...

...of "punctuation."

dlauthor said...

I look forward to the presentation of actual ideas in this strip, going forward. Exciting news.

And yeah, that squiggly thing actually kinda looks like someone ill took a dump over Mallard's head. Which, when you get down to the contents thereof, is actually kinda appropriate.

Scanman said...

Okay, look at the strip for a minute, Mallard is not Garfield. He talks in speech balloons not thought balloons and the people understand him like he's a person.

When he's expressing his thoughts it's not meant for those around him. When he addresses the viewers, ie. the viewers of his show or the readers of his strip he speaks to us out loud.

Note, he's on his TV news set. I'm guessing because he's shuffling papers. Now, he may be reading the script in his head before he goes on air to himself but when he energetically points to his head after his "brilliant" punchline he looks like he's insane!

I can just imagine the people around him are thinking when he does that. Surely that's not an empty set. If some one filmed it, it would be a much bigger hit than the John Edwards combing clip. They can play Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage" in the background.

Michael said...

Good catch, scanman. I would assume he was thinking, "I am Napoleon!!"

GeoX said...

"Je suis Napoleon! No, seriously--I'm not."