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Thursday, June 25, 2009

That damned Ankle

What's Mallard raving about today?

Sonia Sotomayor, Bill O'Reilly.

Who would have thought that Mallard could bring together his full-throated hatred of Sonia Sotomayor, for reasons which have never actually been made clear unless you credit his charge that she is a racist, and his full-throated defense of Bill O'Reilly, inciter of domestic terrorists?

I do hope that Mallard and his friends who are controlling the GOP message continue on this way, however. For all the bleating about Sotomayor being a racist and the GOP the party of tolerance, Latinos seem to be coming to a different conclusion.


BakaHoushi said...

"Liberals continue to blame the existence of the Holocaust......
On Bill O'Rielly."
"Liberals blame the sinking of the Lusitania................
On Bill O'Rielly."

See? I can do it, too! It's like playing Madlibs. So, how about paying me, King Features? I mean, I can't draw for shit, but that shouldn't be a problem.

12xuser said...

C'mon Tinsley, you're talking about a broken ankle here. Broken ankles are one of those age-old comix tropes, like the desert island or the guy with the sandwich board. Every comic artist knows how to show a foot in a cast. I mean, we appreciate your effort with the Sotomayor caricature, and I know you feel like you have something important to say, but it's still a comic strip. Show us the leg, dammit!

Or maybe Bill O'Reilly with a magnifying glass, "investigating".

Rootbeer said...

In other news in other news in other news in other news in other news

dlauthor said...

He's still drawing Sotomayor like she's Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffanys, I see. Or Hirohito in a wartime Warner Bros. cartoon. Only without the artistic skill.

I wonder how many bottles of research he went through for this one?

NLC said...

To go meta here for a moment:

Interesting that yesterday's "Google ad" on the front page of the 'blog were for:

Anti-Obama T-shirts
Annoy a liberal with our obnoxious anti-Obama stickers and t-shirts

The ones so far today are for:
Duck Bib Overalls
Mandarina Duck

exanonymous said...

If by judicial history coverage Mallard means 4 minutes of discussion with a like-minded blogger about how everyone feels, 2 minutes debate with the feel-good neocon punching bag Colmes, and some vocal put-downs, then I suppose O'Reilly did so. But it was so far off the radar unlike his BABY KILLER rants that most liberals didn't even care.

It's a position expected by him.

Kip W said...

When Tin Eye's family tossed him
He found a place to dwell,
Down in the Wingnut Welfare wing of
Hackwork Hotel.

His work's so phony
His work's so phony
It's such baloney
You could cry.

He's down the hall from Stantis
And Day by Day as well
They whine and scribble half-truths there in
Hackwork Hotel.

He's never lonely
He's never lonely
There's always someone
Stopping by.

Room Service brings up liquor
They hardly mind the smell
Of footnotes from the Moonie Times in
Hackwork Hotel--

For zealots only
For zealots only
Who should unknownly
Live and die.

rewinn said...

I agree w/12x that the biggest problem with today's "comic" is not its ineffectual support of racism & terrorism (the more the reichwing hammers at Sotomayor and supports murder, the more our future generation turns from them in disgust), but its lack of funny.

The "joke" is killed because you just can't tell what today's strip is about without wading through an ugly mass of words. Comics are a visual medium; a good cartoonist can delivers a huge message with no words at all.

To deliver today's "joke" competently:

IMAGE: Congressional committee looking stern
TEXT: "A congressional inquiry has determined ..."

IMAGE: Leg-in-a-cast, signed "Much love, Barack!"
TEXT: "Sotomayor's broken ankle was not caused by ..."

TEXT: "Bill O'Reilly's talk show".


I have no fear that Tinkley will actually take this advice, since the same personality defects that underlie reichwing philosophy make it hard for them to produce humor.

If they ever came to understand the human condition and the common humanity that unites us all, they'd become liberal.

GeoX said...

"Hackwork Hotel" is my new favorite song.

fuckreagan said...

I have discovered that A. Wyatt Mann cartoons [] fit onto Mallard Fillmore like gloves. [this might be a bad example since the scheme and scansion are better than any real Mallard Fillmore poem.] [he edited this with unusually high competence.]

Michael said...

She looks like a Tojo caricature, if he were a member of the Fly Girls circa 1990.

Like dlauthor says, why do conservatives draw Sotomayor with stereotypically Asian features? Don't they know where Puerto Rico is? Whoever draws slanted eyes like that is the same type of person who uses the word "oriental" to describe something other than rugs and massages.

Erich said...

Freagan, was it really necessary to share those horrendous cartoons?

rewinn said...

"...why do conservatives draw Sotomayor with stereotypically Asian features? ..."

All those dark-skinned people look alike to them?

NLC said...

I agree with Erich 100% here.


I think it's safe to say that we've put up with the childish, crude nature of your posts with reasonable forbearance.

But it's time to give it a rest.

CW in LA said...

Speaking of residents of the Hackwork Hotel, is there a blog like this one for Stantis' Prick City?

It would be especially nice this week, given that when it comes to the teleprompter talking point, he is seriously flogging the hell out of the deceased equine.

Patrick said...

Just out of morbid curiosity...

The conservative/GOP hack comics I know of are:

1. Mallard Fillmore
2. Day by Day
3. Prickly City

Am I missing anything, or is that a full list of the reasonably well known ones? For that matter, are there any good ones out there?

Jazzbumpa said...

In addition to what all of you already said, today's cartoon makes no damned sense at all. WTF?

MartyRotten said...

CW, Prickly City actually manages to be funny at least some of the time. This week's however is about as pathetic as anything Tinsley could come up with. I'm sure Obama isn't the only president who has read from note cards of some sort or another.

rewinn said...

MartyRotten - you forget:

3x5 cards = GOOD

teleprompter = BAD

On the evidence, reichwingers are technophobes.

Anonymous said...


Wait, wait? Supreme court nominee? Well what the fuck am I supposed to do with all these war bonds?!

Ducky, just because Billo gets on TV every night and blubbers endlessly, like the whiny little thin-skined vagina he is, about how liberals are mean to him, doesn't make it true.