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Friday, June 26, 2009

That damned Roll

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Apologies.

It's fairly amazing to me that various Water Carriers for the Republican Party can go on and on and on and on in this manner about President Obama's speech in Cairo, and then they have the temerity to wonder why only the fringe 20% of Americans approve of the Republican Party.

It almost seems like a vast conspiratorial sociology experiment designed to find the limits of how many people will continue to follow an ideology, no matter what it represents.


Factinista said...

Kind of funny how, regardless of all of the stuff the right has been pushing about Obama lately, Mallard still decides on a topic that completely came out of nowhere.

Michael said...

This cartoon only works on people who haven't actually read or listened to the Cairo speech.

The person who should be apologizing is whoever picked out Mallard's outfit.

confused said...

Michael, I have to respectfully disagree. I cannot tell that Mallard is not wearing pants, therefore I approve of that outfit.

NLC said...

Let's be clear about a crucial point.

As much as Tinsley and the other neocon apologists would like to pretend otherwise, Bush != America.

There is much in the history of this country that has been perpetrated by Bush and his kind that should be apologized for. To pretend otherwise is reprehensible.

But I, for one, will continue to believe that these acts have nothing to do with America, or Americans, in any real sense, in their core.

For Tinsley, et al, to act as if any criticism of these acts is somehow an attack on America is, at the very least, despicable.

rewinn said...

Today's 'punch line' may work when you shout it to to a bunch of croneys full of Miller Lite, but not when its read by people who haven't had their first 40-ouncer of the day.

And DavyK: Ix-nay on the periment-Exay; we're getting great ata-day!

dlauthor said...

In other news, America's involvement with the Muslim world has apparently been no greater than its involvement with the Spanish Inquisition.

[research]Hey, bardenter, gimmanotherbeer![/research]

Kip W said...

I shudder to think of what we'll be exposed to two weeks from now when the Fuck suddenly realizes that Michael Jackson is "still dead."

fuckreagan said...

Bet us all dowhatever we want and ever apologize for anything. Compassion and sympathy are stupid and should be punished. Tinsley must be a sociopath and I stand by my comment that he is as racist as A. Wyatt Mann.

Perhaps, we should not blame Tinsley, though, considering his heroes.

-Reagan sold weapons to unfriendly nations and, in a bit of surreal irony, their enemies, dismantled social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Welfare, gave money to the rich and toon it from the poor-under a delusional belief that this woubd help the poor-and turned the Federal Budget Deficit from a hundred billion to four trillion dollars but did not apobogize.
-Nixon and kissinger bombed small neutral coutries and helped bring Pol Pot into power but never apologized. kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize.
-George Bush II suspended habeus corpus, started one war, abandoned it for another, threw his enemies in secret prisons, encouraged mass censorship, drove the deficit up to ten trillion dollars, illegalized harvested stem cell research, continued Reaganomic policies of destroying social programs and being a reverse Robin Hood and declared that creating the illusion of safety required stopping all of our civil rights but never apologized.
-Ayn Rand said that anyone who was rich or powerful was superior to everyone else, the poor were worthless lazy idiots who accomplished nothing and the rich and powerful should create an island wwhere they would have absolute power and all other guys would be their slaves but she never apologized.

Tinsley stated that his favorite president was Reagan and he was a Libertarian-a memer of a party ased on Ojectivism.

fuckreagan said...

Patrick I can answer the question you posed yesterday. Tinsley is the nicest and least racist of Republican political cartoonists. Boon atthis thread [] I would say that the list of Republican political cartoonists, in order of decreasing sociopathy, is...

-A. Wyatt Mann
-Chuck Asay
-Mike Lester
-Glen and Gary Mccoy
-Gary Varvel
-Bruce Tinsley

Mike Lester has made a pretty good effort to overtake Asay [see page one hudred eighty three and the one hundred ninties inthat thread for examples] but Asay is such pure evil that he cannot be so easily defeated. Gary Mccoy might deserve a higher position for []

fuckreagan said...

Anyone who believes that Tinsley is less racist than Ma shoubd compare to the third comic on I fail to see any difference etwee the two-except that Tinsley is too cowardly to include a racist caricature.

Michael said...

Even though libertarianism was influenced by Ayn Rand, she hated the Libertarian Party, and it is not based on Objectivism. I'd say it is based on the limited government ideas of the Enlightenment, and laissez-faire economics. Besides, the funny thing about Tinsley is that despite his claim to be a libertarian, he espouses no libertarian beliefs (when's the last time you saw Mallard Fillmore advocate drug legalization, or speak out against the Iraq War or Bush's encroachment on civil liberties?). It's similar to how Bill O'Reilly claims to be an "independent", not a Republican. The only thing worse than being a Republican shill is not owning up to it.

Anonymous said...

"...a memer of a party ased on Ojectivism." Looks like the Reagan haters are drinking as much as Tinsley!

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley as I said a few days ago my eyboard is in terrible shape. I cannot avoid typos because some buttons do not function and it sometimes misinterprets my input. Your errors are due to the fact that you are subliterate.

Anonymous said...

I have not checked this blog in over two months. I see someone who calls himself "fuckreagan" has joined the gang of regulars.

WTF is his problem? He needs to be taken off the streets and this blog and given medication. There are already enough loons here on a daily basis.

Factinista said...

You think we're all like freagan? That certainly shows who the real "loon" is here.

exanonymous said...

Yes, only crazy people exercise their first amendment rights and congregate peacefully on a blog to discuss the stupidity of one comic. We have no expectation that something's going to change, or that we're even important to 99.9999% of the population. How silly of of us.

To not be crazy, we should be teabagging and using a network to overinflate our self-importance, and propping up giant bags of hot gas as party leaders. And making historical comparisons that have no relevance. Like how liberals are treated like Christians in the Roman Empire or something. And end with pushing more people out of the party and asserting that our majority is larger than ever.