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Monday, June 15, 2009

That damned Wisdom

What's Mallard raving about today?

Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama

President Obama's chin has reached a disturbing new phase in its evolution in the second panel.


Mysterio said...

Oh, joy. It looks like we're going into a whole week of Mallard quacking about Sotomayor, no doubt regurgitating the same talking points other wingers beat to death two weeks ago.

GeoX said...

Okay, kids, it's kwiz time with your lovable host, Kwizzo! Are you excited? Okay!

Today's subject: How well do YOU know hi-larious konservative kut-up Bruce Tinsley! Now, for eighty-four gabillion dollars: which of the following do you think is more offensive to TInsley:

A. Sonia Sotomayor suggesting that her experience as a minority could help her judicial decisions, which is a metaphorical attack on poor, downtrodden white men, WHICH IS THE SAME AS HOLDING DOWN A WHITE MAN AND PUNCHING HIM REPEATEDLY IN THE FACE!


B. The National Review publishing a blatantly racist cover and a blog entry about how Hispanics, as a group, fucking suck?

Go on, take a shot out at it! Tinsley's even helped you out by sprinkling little hints throughout his comics!


Great job! Now, for an extra eleventy indecillion spacebux, name the unreconstructed racist--Tinsley's hero!--who founded the National Review!

Boy, we're sure having fun tonight, aren't we?!

Nick said...

I have no comment, other than to present my word-verifocation word:


NLC said...

Dear King Features:

I have a proposal for a sure-fire strip. Let's call it "Fallard Millmore".

The premise will as follows:

1] Send me a preview of an upcoming MF strip (shouldn't be hard, given the lead-time).

2] I will leave the image untouched and simply alter the text (as, has been shown, Tinsley himself often does).

3] The new text will correct some of the more trivially obvious errors and misrepresentations in the original. (Such as today, making it clear that what Sotomayor actually said was not that a Hispanic woman "would" make a better justice than a white male but rather merely acknowledging that it was a possibility.)

4] My new strip probably won't be particularly funny; but then the point is to mimic the original.

So, KF, what do you say? You actually seem to be able to distribute MF, so this "Fallard Millmore" should be a cinch. It's practically the same strip, with the added advantage of actually reflecting reality.

Rebochan said...

The scary part is, I was able to put my thumb over the excess chin and find Obama's *real* jawline. So Tinny is apparently aware of where it should be.

BakaHoushi said...

I thought the point of practice was to get BETTER with time. I've never before seen someone not only fail to improve over time, but to actually DEGRADE with effort. But here's Tinsley's art, proving it is indeed possible.

rewinn said...

Sotomayor's actual words are much more interesting than today's "comic".

Do yourself a favor and read them!

Anonymous said...


exanonymous said...

At least Sotomayor is replacing Pelosi.

The neocons can only pick on one woman at a time. And despite what they say, have no respect for those who earn their own way in the world and allow them no right to claim wisdom from such.

David B said...

The thing that blows my mind is the explicit claim that Obama is racist.

I mean, i realize that Tinsley probably believes that, but it's a hell of a charge to level, you know?

Robert said...

How long before Tinsley starts drawing Obama's chin in a sickle-and-hammer shape?

Michael said...

When Tinsley's addled mind looks at Obama, does he see Tim Curry in Legend?

Anonymous said...

No. Most of the time he sees 2 or 3 of that image.

Anonymous said...


Ducky, it can't be THAT hard to find yourself a male prostitute in your town to give you the ass pounding you so obviously desire. Do yourself the favor, get it out of your system, and maybe then you can stop drawing Obama as some weird phallic giraffe/elephant hybrid negro. Aside from that and the weird stoner glazed eyes, it's actually not a half-bad caricature for a propaganda/attack comic.
Heck, get yourself a Latino one! Go nuts!

WV: pherm. Go fig.

NotannonNotcow said...

He drew two Obamas--in the same panel.

This is the first attempt at a multi-panel Mallard in quite a while.