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Monday, June 08, 2009

That damned Invitation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Nancy Pelosi, Waterboarding.

The first time Mallard mentions US torture policies created and executed by the Bush Administration and he's complaining about Nancy Pelosi.

Can you say partisan hack?


Factinista said...

Joan Rivers?

GeoX said...


(assuming that's what Tinsley's trying to refer's hard to say. The waterboarding reference doesn't seem to have any connection to anything otherwise, but it's pretty nonsensical in any case)

Also, "Oops...I forgot to tell a joke." But that's almost a given.

Michael said...

"Hey Mallard! I'm a kindergartner's drawing on the refrigerator!"

NLC said...

Whew... This is just so "third grade".

We all knew (or maybe some of us were....) that kid who sat in the back of the class and who everyone either simply ignored or --more likely-- was unaware of his existence.

And he was always just so sure that it was because he was the truly cool one that everyone secretly envied, as he never tired of telling anyone who would listen.

This is just .... sad...

[WV: "force". No kidding; a real word.]

12xuser said...

The point is that Nancy Pelosi has a posh office, in contrast to the crummy cubicles favored by Tinsley's heroes.

dlauthor said...

You know, Nancy Pelosi is reasonably easy to caricature. The oh-my-god-how-do-you-produce-tears wide eyes, the rictus grin, the helmet hair. It's not hard, no matter what you think of her and the latest tempest-in-a-teapot-that's-already-blown-over* "issue" that Tinshley's hammering on about now (in addition to the damn 15 years thing lurching back to life again).

So why Tinz would draw Steven Tyler instead is completely beyond me.

* Warning: do not mix metaphors without consulting your physician.

Hibryd said...

It's like he dug up one of his old "Charlie Chan" caricatures and slapped a wig on it.

Anonymous said...

But a duck would love waterboarding! (It's flow right off.) And we know it's not torture, because Bush's legal geniuses said it was just fine. So what's the beef here?

exanonymous said...

It doesn't look like Nancy Pelosi. But that's been pretty well established here already.

Why does the right hate Pelosi so much? It's mind-boggling that they're calling for resignation for reasons that pale in comparison to reasons they have defended their own party members. There's more venom for her than Hilary these days.

Jazzbumpa said...

My initial reaction to this was, "WTF?"

Upon further review, it seems that Tinkly is angling for the job of cover artist at THE NATIONAL REVIEW.

dlauthor said...

Exanonymous: Woman + Power = WINGNUTS SMASH!!!*

* Palin excepted, because they think she looks purty.

jim said...

I don't think partisan hack even begins to cover the magnitude of hypocrisy evidenced by the duck and the entire party. Wow just wow. And how is this not Clinton's fault?

wavydavy said...

Jim --

Which one?

Not that it really matters to your dyed-in-the-woll wingnut.

Bill the Splut said...

It's truly amazing how much the "liberal media" is controlled by the right wing. After a year of claiming that waterboarding isn't torture, suddenly Pelosi knowing about it is the Worst Thing Ever, because it IS torture. Except it isn't when Cheney ordered it. The cognitive dissonance of holding the contradictory concepts of "not torture so GOOD/is torture so BAD" would make any sane person's head explode. Not that these people are sane, of course.

The bizarre thing is that the "Pelosi KNEW!" meme turned up the same week as "The CIA admits torture was used to extract false confessions to justify the invasion of Iraq." Which story involves multiple war crimes? Which story is meaningless duck shit? And which story became "THE" story?

WV: unscer; Tin Ear trying to describe his critics as "insincere" after today's first bottle is empty.

Anonymous said...

Fail, ducky.
Just, fail.
Nothing about this strip works on any level.