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Monday, June 01, 2009

That damned Anniversary

What's Mallard raving about today?

Mary Worth, Mallard Fillmore.

So, you know how, when certain comics reach certain milestones, other comics will pay tribute by mentioning them?

Well, Mallard Fillmore has to pay tribute to himself, knowing deep in his heart of hearts that no one else will mark the anniversary.

That said, I wish he'd gone after Margo McGee instead, since I am sure Margo would have used the incident as an excuse to feast on Duck L'Orange tonight.

As it is, Mary Worth will probably try to meddle Mallard into being a kinder and gentler duck. Unless we get lucky and Mary Worth decides to treat Mallard as the next Aldo Kelrast.


Factinista said...

I just realized that this monstrosity has been in print longer than Calvin and Hobbes. What a disgrace.

exanonymous said...

He complains if people mention his haircut but has to bring up his own strip's anniversary?

dlauthor said...

I think I found a photo of Tinshley's house after the 15th anniversary celebration!Oh, wait, no. That's just an average Tuesday morning.

rewinn said...

Mary Worth: not an angry drunk.

Maybe that's why she's aging more gracefully.


P.S. megadittos on exciting popular cultural reference, Mr. Tinkley!


Other things from the early 1990's that are aging more gracefully than Mallard:

* Bill Clinton
* Billy Ray Cyrus' “Achy Breaky Heart”
* Windows 95.

Jazzbumpa said...

Geeze You'd think something preserved in alcohol would hold up better than old Apple Mary . . .

Robert said...

As the strip goes forward through time, can we expect to see Mallard's bill get redder and more swollen?

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, Tinkley's competition for right-wing-comic is actually good today.

I don't especially like the artwork, but the writing is crisp and occasionally addresses the fact that conservatives are less than perfect.

martyrotten said...

Yeah, I often disagree with the stuff in Prickly City, and Stantis pisses me off somewhat less than Mallard Fillmore, but he can still manage to be funny at least half the time.

And he's not above satirizing the Republicans once in a while.

GeoX said...

Most strips only get self-congratulatory when they get fucking ancient. Remember those painful, intertextual Blondie whateverthefuckth-anniversary strips a few years back? It's beyond me why we would want to celebrate the relentless lameness of Blondie, but at least lasting that long is an achievement, of sorts. What exactly is there to celebrate about fifteen goddamn years of "you libruls get offa my lawn?"

Kyle said...

Here's to 15 years of only running because Doonesbury is good enough to warrant a poorly drawn, out of date and all together irrelevant counter!