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Saturday, June 27, 2009

That damned T-Shirt

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, People.

I think this guy should become a recurring character. He can be the official stand-in for "Most People" in all of Mallard's straw arguments.


exanonymous said...

Although liberalism is supposedly the party of moral relativism, it seems to be conservatives who have the shifting values.

No apologies are to be given. Ever. To admit to wrongdoing is to do wrong. Unless you're a republican. Then it's an honest mistake. Or something that doesn't need an apology. Or a democrat.

CasualBrowser said...

I can't wait for two or three weeks to go by so I can see how Tinsley slams Terry Sanford for daring to apologize! Imagine the succinct drubbing this Republican will recieve for daring to show remorse for, or admiting to any type of wrongdoing. It's going to be sweet! After all, our hero "the illustrator", never lets such disgusting behavior go by without comment.

CasualBrowser said...

OOPS! That's MARK Sanford. Can you tell I'm from NORTH Carolina?

Hibryd said...

CasualBrowser - I'm more dreading his coverage (and factual mangling) of the Iran situation.

As for the comic...

"I will never apologize for the United States of America. I don't care what the facts are." (Bush I after we shot down an Iranian civilian plane in 1988, killing all 290 people aboard.)

CasualBrowser said...

Ah yes, the Vincennes incedent. I actually had orders to that ship in '89, but got them changed to go to the west coast. I suppose that if W. had been in office rather than his dad, HE would have apologized. After all, being such a devout Christian, his respect for life is more important than any other Earthly commitment. That's well known and legendary...

steverocks35 said...

I never saw the Bush cartoon that is similar to this one: First Panel: "My President went to the Middle East" Second Panel: "And all I got was 5,000 dead Americans and 100,000 dead Iraqis, oh, and this stupid t-shirt". I would've paid good money to see that one

Anonymous said...

Photos from Obama's apology tour:

Apology tour Photo #1

Apology tour Photo #2

We essentially have a no-nothing radical man-child for a President. He continues to bury our economy and along with his fellow Democrats and a few Rino's, steer America towards socialism while kissing the asses of our enemies.

This is how he intends to remake our country. This is what he was taught while growing up and what he learned from the corrupt political machine in Chicago.

NLC said...

A "no-nothing"??

[WV: dingnis. 'nuff said]

GeoX said...

That's right: Obama is steering us towards islamofascomarxohomocommunofalangosocialsm
in the most fiendish way possible: by doing NOTHING! How did we not see this coming?

I love you, Gender Insecurity Issues Troll. Please never leave us again.

Jazzbumpa said...

Don't you love the way the non-apologetic Tinkley sock-puppets are always anonymous?

I was gong to chastise you all for not being up on your John Wayne. Famous quote from She Wore A Yellow Ribbon: " Never apologize it's a sign of weakness.." But it all seems somehow so passe now. (sigh)

WV: boohotor - an anti-apology apologist.

exanonymous said...

Neocon humor formula:

Take one or more talking points.
Fail to talk about talking point, but instead just mindlessly parrot or simplify.
Ignore reality and evidence against talking point.
Write unfunny punchline that depends on user having faith in talking point.
Insult liberals/claim victimhood/invoke Godwin's law.
Hear "ba-dum... ching!" in head. Smirk proudly.

Michael said...

So what are these horrible apologies he's been making? I don't remember hearing any. It reminds me of when Hunter S. Thompson reported that Ed Muskie was rumored to be on the hallucinagenic drug Ibogaine. When pressed by David Letterman about it, Thompson said that he never claimed Muskie was on Ibogaine, only that there was a rumor in Wisconsin that he was on the drug... and he was the one who started the rumor.

rewinn said...

Whether Obama actually made any horrible apologies or not is irrelevant to the reichwingers; anyone who actually listens to Obama's actual speech in Cairo thinks it's darn good statement of plain facts.

The reichwing figures that if they repeat over and over that he DID apologize shamefully, they think it will become true, just like "Al Gore said he invented the internet" and so on.

This used to work when corporate media controlled information; the rise of independent sources, e.g. YouTube, can kill this. But the reichwingers will keep on trying, because they can't win on the issues; they must win on the propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Obama's World Apology Tour no leadership effort

GeoX said...

Shit--our troll is apparently degenerating to the point that he's incapable of communicating in complete sentences. What does it mean?

I do appreciate the link, though--batshit letters to the editor are something of a hobby of mine, and that one was especially hilarious.

Anonymous said...

"I do appreciate the link, though--batshit letters to the editor are something of a hobby of mine, and that one was especially hilarious."

You may find it amusing but it is also very true. The Bamster would not defend America in any country he visited during his Apology Tour.

Iran's President lashes out at Obama

Obama to Iran: Let them eat Ice cream

GeoX said...

You're right. It's funny 'cause it's TRUE! I especially love this part:

And now the headline reads: "Obama won't rule out releasing Guantanamo detainees into U.S." These POWs might possibly be released into our country! Imbecility! This is not change!

Imagine it being said in the voice of Dr. Zoidberg for extra hilarity. I can't imagine why the Republicans are in such disarray.

GeoX said...

...keep up the awesome, incidentally. A Coulter column? Whoa boy! And then a piece about how Ahmadinejad doesn't like Obama? I'm confused. Conservatives are Ahmadinejad fans now? I mean, sure, his stone age world view meshes pretty well with your own, but to just come out and admit it like that...BOY, you're desperate!

rewinn said...

On the one hand, I linked to Obama's actual words in full.

On the other hand, Anonymous Coward linked to a few phrases of Obama's speech taken out of context.

Who is making the more compelling case?