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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Those damned Graduates

What's Mallard raving about today?

Graduates, India.

The Party of No's Spokesduck says: American Education sucks! But don't you dare ask me to pay anything if you want to improve it.


GeoX said...

If this is meant to be a college graduation, Tinsley's about a month too late. But the real, terrifying question: what school in its right mind would get fuckin' Mallard Fillmore to give an address? I assume he's speaking to a mostly empty auditorium, as the students express their dissent with their absence. That's also probably the only reason Mallard is brave enough to gratuitously insult them.

Word verification: rantrag.

Michael said...

Since he hates Americans so much, at least he had the decency to leave before trashing his countrymen. It must have been on a serious bender, if he's just now realizing where he is after a 13 hour flight.

GeoX said...

Well, I wasn't sure whether he was ACTUALLY supposed to be in India, or whether he was just on a drunken spree and had NO idea where, who, or why he was.

NLC said...

Pop quiz:

Write an essay depicting the content of the opening segment of tomorrow's Rush Limbaugh show (and, in reduced form, the six MF strips starting 5 weeks from today) had it been Sonia Sotamayor who had made this joke.

Bonus points for each usage of the words "Racist", "Elitist" and "Incompetent".

exanonymous said...

If there wasn't this horrible American attitude towards the educated, accomplishments and science coupled with a need to stick with 20th century ideas and technology, we'd see more accomplished graduates.

But only a neocon would scream bloody murder about global warming, deny education funds, and then wonder why there weren't more dedicated climatologists. Just an example.

rewinn said...

"Mallard Fillmore" could be done more cheaply in Mumbai.

Better too.

Contact King Features!

Bill the Splut said...

He hates stupid American college graduates (if they're stupid, then how did they graduate?), and yet he hates educated American college professors. He hates educated Indians who get jobs outsourced that the American grads he hates could get, but loves the American corporations that outsourced them. He hates affirmative action that lets the poor and minorities get ahead, and so he hates college janitors and cafeteria workers because they're poor or minorities or worse, also in unions. Is there anyone in college he likes?

Oh, right--I left out drunken frat boys pulling the pants off of passed-out sorority sisters, who then flunk out after 3 years of binge drinking with a GPA of 1. Those guys he probably likes. You know, the Young Republicans.

WV: syncon; conservatives who can only make synthetic arguments based on straw men and unverified anecdotes, fueled by talking points and drunken rages.

Jazzbumpa said...

You all have done such a fine job of deconstructing Duckie's felumsm, I'm taking the day off.

WV: felumsm