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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

That damned Cause

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Clinton, Terrorists.

Just as stupid and false as it was yesterday. Nice attempt at white-washing the violent and racist Teabagger rhetoric, though. No defense of the Eliminationist-in-Chief, Glenn Beck?


Tog said...

Gee, Batshit, it just burns your miserable ass that Bill Clinton is still so popular, and that people pay attention to what he says...unlike you. In Tinsleytown (AKA Batshit Bizarroworld), he's a "publicity hound," but you're a "controversial, politically-incorrect truth-to-power culture warrior." Jon Stewart was wrong: you DO tell funny jokes. You just don't MEAN to.

And Clinton's call for civility was more than enough to throw the entire Wrong Wing into a mouth-foaming uproar. Golly, Batshit, haven't you claimed (in both interviews and while trolling D&C) that conservatives are the paragon of civility, while liberals are so nasty and hate-filled? (Not that you'd know a genuine conservative if he punched you in the face.)

And yet here you are, lying like a pig to cover the Wrong Wing's eliminationist rhetoric, while we here at D&C asked for an end to similar words from our own.

There Reality goes again, showing its liberal bias!

Taquelli said...

It's not really the words that concern us, it's the actions, like driving a plane into some IRS buildings and shooting an abortion doctor in the street. We're perfectly okay with you just talking, just as long as you're not screaming at us and constantly mentioning that you own a gun. Sure, we'll think what you say is stupid, but tit for tat, old bean.

Ducky is Right said...

ACTUAL conservative terrorism, of course, is the liberal's own fault for making us do it. So there.

Randy said...

@Taquelli: Just a reminder how nasty it really was, the abortion doctor was shot in his church foyer, not in the street.

WV: tward - what Mallard insists on calling himself in his efforts to be un-PC

exanonymous said...

And Bill Clinton can walk into N. Korea and free two young women with a handshake. If only Bush were as washed up. He's too busy wiping his hands on Clinton's shirt after they got dirty while in Haiti.

Choose Life? So Mallard is pro-choice and against government interference now?
Lower taxes? So Mallard is also for the current administration's tax cuts for the average American?


Kip W said...

He's right! What could violent anti-tax rhetoric possibly have to do with someone flying a plane into an IRS office? That's like thinking that pulling a trigger has something to do with a bullet hitting somebody, yards and yards away from you, when in actuality they are completely unrelated events.

rewinn said...

"Publicity Hound" is something no-one will ever call Mallard Fillmore, because no-one will ever care what he is doing.

dlauthor said...

"Ooh, that Clinton is such a publicity hound! I'll show him by writing a whole series of comic strips about him! Then he'll be sure to wallow in obscurity! Hey, this bottle of Mad Dog is empty."