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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Those damned Fish

What's Mallard raving about today?

Fish, Free Lunches.

Because this is an accurate representation of the type of Right Wing rhetoric that people object to.


Ducky is Right said...


Tog said...

Oh, yes, we liberals are just filled with hate! Although nothing gets us into a free-speech-denying, life-threatening, shooting-people-in-church, crashing-planes mood like a little old lady gently urging us to "choose life" or pleading "please, please don't let the death panels take me."

exanonymous said...

I don't think it's hate speech, I think it's an absurd saying. If a lunch can't be free, then nothing can.

At least it's different from the absurd libertarian logic I've heard. The government should not provide free lunches in schools because that's our money, not the children's. And yet the government is hopelessly incompetent because they use the produce and meat of the lowest bidders while still maintaining FDA compliance. The door is wide open for private charity to prove they can do it better for less money.

dlauthor said...

Don't worry, though, right-wingers! You can still have as many free wars against brown people as you want!

By the way, Tinshley: that saying also applies to lunches of the liquid variety.

deepbeep said...

Is that fish wearing glasses? His hatred for intellectuals even extends to underwater fauna.

By the way, when examining the last couple recessions and current national debt, it's not the liberals I would accuse of being averse to fundamental economics.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

An accurate version of this cartoon:

Old, decrepit, sociopathic Conservative fish: I know that hook will kill us all, and enjoying watching the anemones is extremely fun; but anyone who refuses to take the bait, or watches the anemones is a Nazi Communist. Now, take take the bait, while I stay here, watching the anemones.

Young, kind Liberal fish: I cannot believe anyone would say such horrible things, but I am too cowardly to do anything except take the bait.

Word Verification: Micharg, as Tinsley might put it, "what state refuses to join the health care lawsuit? Mich--Arg!

waaaahbaggers said...

Buy a man a drink, and he drinks for one day.

Teach a man to drink, and next thing you know he's being pulled over and charged with DUI like Bruce Tinshley!

rewinn said...

This is an exercise in impotent self-pity ("Waaah! the liberals hate us because we believe in freedom") and, as such, I welcome Tinshley continued self-emasculation.

Kip W said...

The conservative fish knows there is no free lunch, and he's good with that. You eat the food, and then you pay for it by doing favors for the fisherman. Maybe turning over some liberal fish.

When a conservative fish meets a fish that's not a quisling whore, he just has to roll his eyes in exasperation at its naivete. Doesn't it know how the world works?