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Monday, May 10, 2010

That damned School

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teabaggers, Arizona, Journalism.

First, I do not grant for one moment that journalists have given the Teabaggers a hard time. If it wren't for the incessant media flogging of them and inflation of their numbers during last summer, I doubt the movement would have the legs it has.

Second, 30% of Americans say racial prejudice underlies the Tea Party, so we can't really single out journalists in this regard.

Finally, if you don't want to be perceived as a bunch of racist thugs with paranoid and conspiracy theory tendencies, then sever ties with the people you keep giving speak slots to at your events, because they are racists, paranoids, and conspiracy theorists.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Oh look--the guy protesting Arizona's "show me your papers" law is all angry and unhinged and stuff, because you'd HAVE to be prone to irrational angry to get upset about a blatantly racist, xenophobic law. Whereas the teabagger woman is all nice and mild and everything, because DUR OBAMA SOCIALIST BIRTH CERTIFICATE GOAN RAISE MAH TAXES is a PERFECTLY sane, rational point of view.

Oh, Tinsley [shaking head]'re such a repulsive little prick.

Marion Delgado said...

Every strip I think, maybe he'll admit it was all a gag - a giant satire - performance art - just a joke, how could you FALL for that?

But some strips moreso than others.

Ducky is Right said...

Not that I try to pay them much attention, but from the pictures I've seen, there really aren't that many sweet little old ladies at the teabagger rallies.
Maybe even fewer of them then there are colored folk?

Hey Ducks, when you guys are carrying automatic rifles, and carrying signs calling Obama and Nazi and about the Tree of Liberty? You're angry and violent. And really, I got better things to do then take 5 minutes to google up a dozen or so instances of right wing terrorism in the past decade or so.

Tog said...

GeoX covered the works, but dayamn, I have to give Batshit credit for his astonishing chutzpah, and for finding a way to show his support for the Hassle Brown People Act of Arizona without violating his "I'm not a racist" fantasy.

However, I'm going to have to demand an example of a journalist actually calling liberal protesters "noble" and teabaggers "domestic terrorists," Batshit ol' boy. Otherwise, you continue to be full of crap.

Meanwhile: One in three "Birthers" support Obama. Wow.

Kip W said...

This just proves what we've known all along: the only unforgivable prejudice is anti-bigot prejudice.

Haven't bigots suffered enough?

Oh, won't someone think about the bigots?!

ajm said...

One of my former j-school professors (35+ years of teaching) died last week. His was a charmed life -- he never had to instruct Bruce Tinsley.

John Ball said...

@Ducky is Right: I'm going to have to differ with you here. There are plenty of sweet old ladies at Tea Party rallies--and they are all your Aunt Ruth, who was pleasant enough, but had a tendency to go on about "the colored folk" and was convinced the Hispanic man on the corner was an illegal immigrant.

dlauthor said...

I can just imagine Tinshley's angry phone call to the syndicate colorist this morning.

"Why did you make the angry guy white? Can't you see he should be brown? BROWN, DAMMIT! Damn Mexicans ruining everything, of course we need to ship them out. *slams down phone, misses handset, doesn't disconnect but doesn't notice either, rummaging sounds ensue* Now where did I leave my tequila?{"

Rootbeer said...

Really? At the same time as the commencement ceremony in the previous day's strip (as suggested by the "meanwhile"), a ponytailed Semitic professor has brought an elderly dimwit and a werewolf in mid-transformation up to the front of the lecture hall to demonstrate the difference between those whould would use economic pressure to effect social change, and those making veiled threats of armed insurrection?

deepbeep said...

Even Ayn Rand would think these are ridiculous caricatures.

wv: farking: What I did before I reddited.

exanonymous said...

Yes, the nice granny is in the tea party and all angry liberals want illegal immigrants to run into the US and stay.

And here I thought that if the Tea Party ACTUALLY stood for what it says it stands for, they'd also be against the Arizona law, what with it threatening to violate constitutional rights of honest Americans, wasting taxpayer money for police to spend extra time questioning and processing American citizens, and one minor thing:

OPEN BORDER POLICY IS FUNDAMENTAL TO TRUE LIBERTARIANISM. Unless, like fiscal conservatism, that too is in name only?

rewinn said...

When people who object to Aryanzona's internal passport law start murdering federal workers by crashing planes into buildings, today's "comic" might have a point.

Until then, the Teabaggers are way-ahead on the Actually Violent scale.

Ducky is Right said...

Don't forget that guy in... ohio? Who got so worked up by the NRA and the gun manufacturers that Obama was gunna TAKE UR GEUNZ!! that he called the police to his home and shot them. IIRC he killed three officers.

exanonymous said...

I think it was Pennsylvania.

Ohio (specifically Kent) just had their anniversary of 4 people shot by the national guard a few days ago however.

So this comic could also have a point if someone starts shooting innocent grannies in the Tea Party for protesting.